Kharidar (खरिदार)

Last updated June 24, 2023

Level: रा.प.अनंकित द्वितीय श्रेणी 

Kharidar, a Non-Gazetted Second Class Permanent Employee of the Government of Nepal, holds a significant position within the civil service.

Selected through the Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog), Kharidar serves as a non-technical staff member. In office settings, Kharidar primarily handles administrative tasks and is involved in paperwork related to administration and store management.

It is worth noting that the Kharidar position serves as the initial entry point into the civil service of the Government of Nepal, accessible through open competition.

Permanent Job in Government Institution of Nepal: Yes


Minimum Required Qualifications For Internal Competition, Open, and Inclusive Categories of Kharidar: 

  1. For Judicial Service, Justice, Law, and Government Attorney Groups, Administrative Service, General Administration Group, and General Administration Group of Parliament of Nepal: Completion of SLC or equivalent from a recognized education institution. 
  2. For Administrative Service, Account Group: Completion of SLC or equivalent from a recognized education institution with subjects (Mathematics or Law as compulsory subjects) and optional account. 

After implementing the grading system, candidates who have passed the SLC or equivalent examination with a GPA of 2 or higher or a grade point higher than that will be considered to have met the minimum qualifications.

Age Requirements 

  1. The minimum age requirement is 18 years, and the maximum is 35 years for male candidates and 40 years for female and disabled candidates.
  2. There is no age limit for current permanent government employees.

Selection Exam Type

Written, Computer-skill test (only for the open and inclusive category), and Interview.

Means of Application

All positions will only accept applications through an online system. The method/procedure for submitting applications online can be found at for further details.

Selection Process 

Information regarding Open and Inclusive Examination:

  1. According to Section 10 of the Civil Service Act, 2049, only eligible candidates can participate in the examination.
  2. To pass the first phase of the examination, one must obtain a minimum of 40% of the total marks in the first phase. The percentage of marks obtained in the first phase, when combined with the marks obtained in the second phase, will be the basis for publishing the written examination results.
  3. The written examination for both the Open and Inclusive categories will be conducted on the same date and time. (There won't be separate examinations for each service/group or Open and Inclusive groups.)
  4. When publishing the results of the written examination conducted for the Open and Inclusive categories, the results will be published in alphabetical order, combining all services and groups together.
  5. Candidates selected through the written examination must fill out the mandatory priority order for service, group, and office in advance, including computer skills testing and interviews. Candidates who do not fill in the priority order for service, group, and office will not be allowed to participate in the interview.
  6. Candidates selected from the Inclusive category through the written examination will not be able to choose priority order for the Inclusive category. Based on the information mentioned in the application form, the candidate's Inclusive group will be determined according to the prevailing provisions of the commission.
  7. Candidates selected from both the Open and Inclusive categories through the written examination will be determined to participate in computer skills testing and interviews based on the selection made in the Open and Inclusive groups. The total number of candidates successful in the computer skills testing and interview will be counted for all groups (Open and Inclusive).
  8. After completing all stages of the examination, recommendation for appointment will be made based on the merit Order of the candidate and priority order of the service, group, and office chosen by the applicant.