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Things to do during COVID-19 Lockdown

Luna Gurung

March 24, 2020
Last updated July 15, 2021
KMC Lalitpur

The pandemic caused by Corona Virus or COVID-19 has led our Country to a complete Lockdown for a week. People are advised to stay at home and isolate themselves from gathering in public places. Although educational institutions have closed down until the end of Chaitra, the Government of Nepal has called for an emergency lockdown of major organizations including Hospitals except for Quarantine facilities. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that the majority of people who contract Covid-19 suffer only mild, cold-like symptoms. WHO says about 80% of people with Covid-19 recover without needing any specialist treatment. 

Professor Christine Jenkins, Chair of Lungs Foundation Australia said that “Covid-19 Pneumonia is viral and caused due to the respiratory infection. Although the doctors are trialing various kinds of medicines, and antibiotics, those who have weak immunity are at risk”. By maintaining high oxygen levels and staying in well-ventilated rooms, the virus can be stopped from spreading. 

While we are staying at home to stop the spread of the virus, we can work from home and help with the household duties as well.  There are many ways we can spend quality time with the family and enhance our skills.

Teaching Children:

Those who are good at skills like drawing and painting can teach children and family members to try their hands on colors and brushes. Have a lot of patience with children who might not really listen but once you stay calm and show them by illustrating, they will follow through. This will improve teaching skills as well as creative art and design.

Petting Animals:

One of the most enjoyable things to do at home is petting animals. Walking the dogs with children and keeping them clean can reduce the possibility of spreading the virus. Taking care of animals and keeping them well fed is also a part of daily activity. This improves the health of pet animals and develops knowledge of animal care.

Writing Journal:

If you are someone who is socially active and outgoing then it might be a little challenging task to calm down and write a journal, however, it may be possible if you are determined. Once you limit your social interactions and focus towards writing a journal about your thoughts and ideas, then you might realize some conversations are not really essential so jotting down in writing can be a great way to express. This will improve creative writing skills and vocabulary.

Organizing interior:

When we are rushing to our work and school, it can be hard to organize our house. It takes discipline to keep our house clean and organized. Keeping the house fully functional and maintaining architecture improves interior designing skills.


If you are living in a house with no green space then it is a sign that you may be having breathing problems. We are human beings and can only survive if we have plenty of oxygen to breathe. Having green plants indoors or outdoors gives us plenty of fresh air to breathe. Try planting flowers or houseplants that can provide and circulate fresh air. This will improve your knowledge of plants and environmental science.

Cooking new recipes:

If you enjoy cooking, then it may be worthwhile to try new recipes along with your children or family members. Try recipes from youtube videos and food channels on the television and cook up for your family. Children who dislike certain food can be encouraged to try their own recipe with the help of alternative ingredients. If making a full course is a huge task then try preparing snacks with a few ingredients. This will improve your vocational skills in cooking, nutrition, and culinary arts. 


All these skills are important vocational skills and useful for lifelong survival. These basic skills are not taught in our schools and we can learn from vocational training or at home. We should remember that people who thrive on ambitions of getting an education and a good degree, will be much successful in life if they gain these life skills. 

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