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Scholarships for students in Nepal

Luna Gurung

April 10, 2020
Last updated July 15, 2021
KMC Lalitpur

Scholarships are provided to the scholars and students who are outstanding and diligent in their studies and require financial support to pursue higher education. Scholarships are merit-based as well as need-based. Scholarships are given to the students having desired qualities like athletic ability, academic achievement or involvement in extracurricular activities. Scholarships are also available for students from a certain underprivileged family or cultural background. 


Scholarships are given on the basis of student's academic performance. Various educational institutes including TU take entrance exam for students before they are awarded. Students need original copies of academic and training certificates. Occasionally, students are required to write an essay while applying for scholarships. They need to explain why they feel that they deserve the scholarship. Student needs to write an application letter for scholarship. The content of the letter should be centered on academic accomplishments and leadership abilities and initiative.


Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students. They need to have completed their high school education with good grades. Undergraduate students are given scholarships based on their academic performance. Scholarships are available for graduates and postgraduates as fellowships. 


Scholarships are funded by the government or ministry of education, universities, businesses, religious groups, individuals and alumni. Students need to do their research and submit all the required paperwork along with application form to increase their chance of receiving the scholarship.

In Nepal, Scholarships are provided by Universities and Institutions according to their rules and regulations. 

  1. Tribhuvan University awards scholarships and has allocated 15% seats for the enrollment of students in an academic program as reservation category which are recognized by the Government of Nepal. There is also a provision of scholarships for two top students (one male and one female) in each academic program. The scholarship amount will be of Rs. 9000 per student/semester. Students can get further information on scholarships from TU Website. 
  2. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST) also awards National and International scholarships for Nepalese students. The notices about scholarships are updated in MOEST website.
  3. Kathmandu University also provides scholarships for meritorious and needy (economically weak) students successfully admitted in KU Undergraduate programs. For every 30 fee-paying students, a student will be admitted on full or partial scholarship (equivalent to the fee of one student). This scholarship is provided to 1st-year students at the time of admission, first time on need basis and then based on their academic performance reviewing annually. They need to maintain a minimum total GPA of 3.0 to continue in each academic year. Also, it will not be regular for students who have to appear compartmental exams and who does not maintain discipline. Scholarship Scheme are published at KU Scholarships.
  4. Pokhara University also has a provision of scholarship for 10% students in affiliated colleges and 20% in constituent schools. The graduates from government and non-government schools or colleges are eligible to apply for scholarships and financial supports. The PU Scholarship Selection Examination decides to award scholarships based on applicants’ credentials, economic background, examination followed by an interview. Quotas for Scholarships are published every academic year at Pokhara University Scholarship
  5. Mahatma Gandhi and Golden Jubilee Scholarship is awarded to Nepalese students based on SEE results and their family income. The scholarship is for student studying grade 11 in Nepal to financially support their education. For further information about the scholarship and the application procedure, we have Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Scheme.

Similarly, other Nepalese Universities including Purbanchal University, Mid-western University, Sanskrit University etc. award scholarship for Nepalese Students. The affiliated colleges provide the scholarships to students based on academic ability as well as need-based. While taking admissions, the scholarship committee evaluates the student’s GPA or percentage, entrance test result and interview. One should also provide a letter of recommendation and an application for the scholarship. The scholarship is provided for financial support and student should study and maintain their grades during their study. 

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