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Diploma in Pharmacy Colleges in Nepal

September 04, 2020
Last updated May 08, 2024
Diploma in Pharmacy Colleges in Nepal
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Pharmacy is the branch of medical science that deals with the discovery, production, disposal, safe and effective use of medications and drugs. 

Pharmacists are responsible for the preparation, dispensing, and appropriate use of medication and provide services to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. They also work in hospitals and related healthcare settings and play an integral role in healthcare. 

Pharmacy degrees, including a Diploma in Pharmacy (Pharmacy Assistant level), are approved by the Nepal Pharmacy Council (NPC) to ensure that students have received appropriate education for their professional registration and subsequent development and careers. The programs are offered under the affiliation of CTEVT.

Diploma in Pharmacy Program in Nepal

Diploma in Pharmacy is a three-year course after SEE. The students who are willing to seek their future careers in the field of pharmacy profession can join the course.

The main objectives of this program are:

  1. To prepare a supportive technical human resource for the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, and capable manpower for quality control and drug control and rational use of drugs.
  2. To develop leadership quality in pharmacy professionals who can manage a rational supply of pharmaceuticals and promote rational use of drugs within the health care service and private sector.


Prospective students must have scored at least a grade C in Mathematics, English, and Science with an average GPA of 2 in SEE or equivalent.

Diploma in Pharmacy Colleges in Nepal

Here is the list of colleges that offer Diploma in Pharmacy programs in Nepal - 

  • Little Buddha College of Health Science
  • Nepalese Army College of Medical Polytechnic
  • Karnali Technical School
  • All Nepal College of Technical Education
  • Asian College for Advance Studies
  • Asian College of Medical Science and Technology
  • Bhageshwor Academy for Health Science
  • Bheri Nursing College
  • Birat Health College and Research Centre
  • Chhinnamasta Educational Academy
  • College of Medical Sciences (CMS)
  • FarWest School of Medicine
  • Holy Vision Technical Campus
  • Iwamura College of Health Science
  • Kantipur College of Medical Science (KCMS)
  • Kantipur Dental College
  • Kantipur Institute of Health Sciences
  • Kathmandu Model Hospital School of Medical Laboratory Science
  • Koshi Health Institute
  • Lord Buddha College
  • Lumbini Institute of Technical Sciences
  • Madhya Paschim Prabidhik Shikshalaya
  • Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Science (MMIHS)
  • Mansarovar Institute of Science and Technology
  • Martyr Memorial Institute of Science and Technology-MMIST
  • Mayadevi Technical College
  • Model College of Technical Education
  • Nepalgunj Health Campus
  • Nepal Institute of Medical Science and Technology (NIMST)
  • Nepal Institute of Health Sciences (Stupa College)
  • Nobel College of Medical Science
  • Nobel Medical College
  • Phect-Nepal Model Hospital School of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Pinnacle College
  • Sagarmatha Technical College
  • School of Health Science-Bharatpur
  • School of Medical Sciences (SMS)
  • Shradha Institute of Health Science
  • Sunsari Technical College
  • Unique College of Medical Science
  • Vinayak College of Health Science
  • Western Health Science Academy

Learn more about Diploma in Pharmacy and offering colleges here.

Career Opportunities

Pharmacy is a very dignified and highly respectable profession, which is directly related to the proper use of medicine and the health care system. Job prospects for a Diploma in Pharmacy graduate include but are not limited to:

  1. Continuing education in different universities in the country and abroad.
  2. Opening retail pharmacies in municipality areas.
  3. Getting a job in government and private hospital pharmacies.
  4. Working in the community pharmacy, drug manufacturing industries, and different health-related NGOs and INGOs.
  5. Working as instructors in Pharmacy educational institutions.
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