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Be Productive on the Corona Break

Prashant Raj Karki

March 23, 2020
Last updated July 15, 2021
KMC Lalitpur

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the Government of Nepal has closed down the office, schools, colleges, and malls. It is an effort of the government to help people isolate and maintain the physical and social distancing which is the most important element to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. While physical and social distancing is important and a couple of days in bed and couches seems dreamy; the boredom is bound to set in pretty quick.

Instead of feeling panic to see the chaos in social media, you must be ready to make the most of this. For now, we may not have the cure for COVID-19, but we sure do have some boredom busters to see you through self-isolation with fun, productivity, and home improvement. We’re here to inspire and indulge while encouraging a bit of self-love, self-care, and self-improvement. Let’s get ready for how we can keep ourselves busy and become more productive.

1. Grab a book

It's time to read that book that's been sat on your shelf for the last few months. It doesn’t have to be a coursebook. Grab anything that interests you. There will be fewer opportunities while in college to read them. Don’t have a book, don’t worry there are plenty of books that you can find online. We will also post the books you might like in the next blog. 

2. Clear out your wardrobe

Dedicate your new-found time and attention to sorting out your clothes, ditching items you haven't worn for six months and coordinating clothes into sections so it's easier to browse in the mornings. This is a great opportunity to get inspired by new outfits or rediscover an old favorite.

3. Get an online course

There are plenty of short online courses you might be interested in. This is a great opportunity to help yourself grow. We are sure you will have a great time.

4. Finish your project

You might have a project this semester or the next, don’t wait when the college reopens; this is an opportunity for you to may be writing a proposal, or make literature reviews, or may be made online researches or even write the report or build the project. Whatever it is just do it and don’t procrastinate. The exams might be preponed than the regular time, it better we don’t waste any time here. 

5. Learn, help in the house

How often do you get a chance to sit around the family and help them with the household chores? This a high time to shower some love towards them. Give your mom a rest, learn a recipe from youtube and surprise your family. Be a better son and daughter.

6. Start a blog, podcast or vlog

Do you like sports? Are you a book lover? Or Do you like writing a poem and stories? It’s a good time you write down your feelings and share them through blogs. There are many online tutorials you might want to see. Go get famous, share your thoughts. 

7. Prepare for your exam

Despite we don’t know when will things be normal, we need to make a self-disciplined routine to go back to read our texts and prepare for exams. The result after the earthquake is an example of why we shouldn’t relax. You might have queries while you read, post them to your peers and also ask your teachers. We are there to support you via all the means. You may also form virtual study groups and support other friends as well. A trigger sometimes may help.

8. Get your DIY on

Learn new gear, a new way to plant or maybe paint your windows. It’s a good time we learn something to do that will help us throughout life. There are so many online tutorials of DIY that might match your interest. Get your hands dirty!

9. Let your creative juices flow

Embark on a creative arts and crafts challenge, from sketching and mindful colouring to pottery. Stuck for ideas? 64 Million Artists (http://dothinkshare.com/creative-inspiration/create-to-connect/) have some great suggestions to get you started, launching a two-week daily creative challenge you can get involved in.

10. Take a virtual tour

Visit some of the world's top museums online. New York's Guggenheim Museum allows people to tour some of its collection via Google Street View. Meanwhile Google Arts & Culture gives you access to collections at MoMA, the Van Gogh Museum, and The Met - just to name a few. Other museums such as the British Museum have a specific web page for its collection. 

11. Participate in College sponsored Online Competition

With everything going on at the moment, Kathford has thought of ways to make this social distancing period productive. It has come up with a Stay-at-Home coding competition called "Code for Cause" where students can participate in a group of four to work on ideas using technology to help cope with the current situation.

Mr. Prashant Raj Karki is the Head of Operations at Kathford International College of Engineering and Management.

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