MA in Political Science (Affiliated to TU) at PK Campus| Syllabus, Eligibility, Cost, Scope

January 08, 2024

MA in Political Science (affiliated to Tribhuvan University) aims to cultivate skilled professionals in the field, making it suitable for individuals aspiring to pursue careers in political science, as well as in diverse sectors like law, journalism, business, and government. Beyond theoretical insights, students also gain valuable methodological training as part of the curriculum.

In this course video, Sabita Kumari Mallik, HOD of Political Science at Padma Kanya Multiple Campus,, discusses the significance of Political Science, emphasizing its relevance in real-life applications. She explores the historical background of the program and its introduction at TU. She outlines the eligibility requirements and provides insights into the course structure. Furthermore, Mallik elaborates on the potential career opportunities that arise from pursuing the program, offering examples of how former students have successfully navigated the professional world.