+2 Law at KMC Lalitpur

June 09, 2024

The Ten Plus Two (+2) program in Law, offered by the National Examination Board (NEB), is a two-year course ideal for launching a career in the legal or administrative sectors. Law is a dynamic and popular field, attracting both local and international students by providing a strong foundation for ensuring justice. In Nepal, the judicial system has evolved from uncodified laws to the comprehensive legislative framework of the new Criminal and Civil Code of 2075.

In this course video, Mr. Suraj Pandey, Coordinator of +2 Management at KMC Lalitpur, discusses the various subjects offered in the +2 Law program at KMC Lalitpur. He outlines the admission criteria and available scholarships, highlights the career prospects for students, and explains why KMC Lalitpur is an excellent choice for those wishing to pursue this course.