A Level Economics Teachers vacancy at Rato Bangala School


As per institution rule

Full time

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Rato Bangala School is looking for A Level Economics Teachers.

Applicants must have fluency in English, an ability to relate to students and a willingness to learn.

Teachers should be well versed in current developments in the subject area and be comfortable with theory and practice. They must also be able to handle the challenging A Level curriculum conducted by Cambridge International Examination (CIE). Raw Bangala School is a registered centre for Cambridge International Examination.

Interested candidates are requested to collect the application forms from the school office or download it from www.ratobangala.edu.np and submit it to the school office or mail it to rbs@mos.com.np by 24th March, 2017.

Rato Bangala School

Sri Durbar Tole, Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur

Tel: 5522614, 5534318, 5542045

email: rbs@mos.com.np