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Application for President at Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology

Deadline: August 02, 2023 10:15
The vacancy is closed.
Application for President at Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology

Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology (MBUST) has been established upon the promulgation of the Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology Act, 2079 (2022 AD). The Board of Trustees (BOT) is the supreme body of the university and the President is the executive head of the university as stipulated in the Act. This Recommendation Committee has been formed by the BOT for the appointment of the President.

The Recommendation Committee notifies and requests applications from able, experienced, qualified, and willing individuals to the post of the President of the University and solicits them to make a valued contribution by providing leadership in program development and their execution in the University established with the high aim of creating a World-Class university in Nepal. The applications are requested to be submitted to the office of the university located at Setopati, Sainbu, Lalitpur Metropolitan City Ward No. 18 by 5 PM on Shrawan 17, 2080 (August 2, 2023) or sent via email to

Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities of the President

In addition to the tasks, duties, and responsibilities described in the Act, the following are the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the President:

  • To implement and make to implement decisions and directives of the BOT.
  • To sign on behalf of the University agreements between national and international organizations consistent with the short- and long-term plans, and strategies of the University.
  • To represent the University in public affairs.
  • To issue directives pertaining to University business within President's jurisdiction.
  • To delegate powers vested on the President by the Act or Rules to any council, committee or body or subordinate officer or employee as required.
  • To exercise residual powers not assign to any other body or office or officials by the Act, Rules, Regulations and Working Procedures.
  • To inform the Executive Council and the Board of Trustees about the powers exercised pursuant to Sub-Rule (f) to the subsequent meeting of the Board of Trustees and Executive Council.

To execute or cause to execute other tasks as assigned

Salary and Facilities

  1. The President shall receive a monthly salary of Rs.85,077 and a dearness allowance of Rs.2,000. In addition, the President shall receive benefits as per the provisions of the Social Security Fund (SSF).
  2. The President will be provided with an official vehicle and a driver and the University will bear the expenditures related to fuel and maintenance. If the President chooses to use his/her own vehicle and driver reimbursements as specified in the Financial Rules shall be made in lieu of the use of his/her vehicle, and expenditures incurred for the driver, vehicle maintenance, and fuel based on the logbook.

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For more information in this regard, please visit the website or contact the office on mobile number 9840088016 or 9849848053. Prof. Sudarshan Raj Tiwari, Convener, Recommendation Committee

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