National Academy of Medical Sciences

Bir Hospital, Kathmandu

Offered Programs

Admission Guidelines

Entrance criteria and examination

Entry criteria for MD/MS/MDS program are as follows:

  • Candidates should have MBBS or equivalent degree recognized by the Nepal Medical Council.
  • Candidates should have minimum two years of work experience in Government, University or other similar recognized hospitals after temporary registration with Medical Council.
  • Candidates should achieve minimum 50% marks in the written MCQ type entrance examination.
  • Selection of candidates is based on the basis of merit list.
  • Candidates have to indicate their subjects of choice in the entrance form.

Entry criteria for DM/MCh program are as follows:

  • The candidate must possess a MBBS and postgraduate MD/MS degree in specified subject and 2 years of working experience. He/she must have obtained at least 50% marks in entrance examinations. The sponsored candidate must have no objection letter from their concerned ministry/institution.


National Academy of Medical Sciences was established in 2060 BS (2002 AD) and started offering postgraduate (MD and MS) programs in Medical Sciences. Bir hospital is an embodied hospital of NAMS. NAMS has taken Maternity Hospital Thapathali, Kanti Children Hospital Maharajgunj, Nepal Army hospital, Patan Hospital and Nepal eye hospital as affiliated hospitals for the program. Under the memorandum understanding with these hospitals programs are running. Currently, this institute is enrolling around 100 MD, MS and MDS residents each year. Similarly super specialty fellowship course on neurosurgery, Fellow of National Academy of Medical sciences (FNAMS), was started in 2061 BS (2004 AD). In addition, Doctorate of Medicine and Master of Chirurgery (DM, M.Ch) started in 2067 BS (2010 AD).

Historically, nursing program started in 2013 BS in the name of Mahabaudha Nursing College. With advent of new education system in Nepal Mahabaudh nursing college was put under the Tribhuwan University in 2028 BS. Then this program was shifted to Institute of Medicine Maharajgunj in 2044 BS. In 2046 BS nursing program was restarted in Bir hospital with the affiliation to Tribhuwan University. 

With the establishment of NAMS in 2060, nursing program came under the NAMS. In 2062 BS Post Basic Bachelor course in Nursing was started and now it is at the verge of starting Master of Nursing program.


The National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) has been established by the Government of Nepal to develop initially with the three major aims:


  • To produce trained manpower with the help of higher education in the field of medical sciences ,
  • To make available high quality health service in Nepal and
  • To develop the academy as the national source center to conduct research studies in the field of medical sciences.
  • To expand the specialty health services and research in different part of the country



To be a leader in the field of quality medical education and to produce a high skilled human resource for the nation this Academy will play a pivotal role. To upgrade different strata of health institutes of Nepal and to provide quality health services to everyone.


Develop the institution into a center of excellence for higher education and medical services by enhancing teaching, learning and research activities. To fulfill the growing demand of human resources for the country and contribute to the national health policy Expansion of teaching, learning and research activities to Regional, Sub Regional and Zonal levels.