UWS Nepal Teaching Fellowship 2018 Application Call

2018-04-04 - 2018-04-10


UWS Nepal Teaching Fellowship Program aims to improve the quality of teaching in our UWS Nepal Schools, whilst providing an opportunity for young Nepal leaders to gain valuable experience and make a real impact on the lives of remote and marginalised communities. The Fellowship’s principal aim is to provide quality education to poor and marginalised children in Nepal. The focus is therefore on teaching methodology, as well as the improvement of learning environments. Our goal is to create a sustainable program for trained and enthusiastic teachers to share their knowledge and skill-set in rural Nepal.

In the long-term, we expect the program to facilitate an exchange of ideas and become a catalyst for change on a regional and national arena. Our Alumni will go on to work in diverse educational roles; as curriculum designers, teacher-trainers, and education policy researchers, as well as more broadly in surrounding fields; as lawyers, journalists, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.

The program aims to achieve the following broader objectives:

  1. To enhance the quality of education delivered in rural Nepal through modern teaching methodology
  2. To create a meaningful connection between students, teachers, parents and community leaders, understanding each others’ problems through cooperation and collaboration
  3. To produce leaders who can make a life-long commitment to addressing educational inequality, by teaching in poor and marginalised communities for at least two years
  4. To improve the learning environment and life skills of rural children
  5. To work towards removing socioeconomic barriers in remote communities

Selected Fellows will choose between the following key activities:

Pre-school Childhood Development 
This will be targeted at pre-school children. Through play, animated books, and videos, children develop a passion for learning, understand concepts better, develop emotional and social intelligence, and gain communication skills. For this program, trained professional fellows will take a leading role, using a child-centric approach, to improve early childhood development.

Primary Education Development
This will be targeted at primary-level students. Play and Visual-based learning methods will be the prime focus in primary-level education. Selected fellows will be trained in child-friendly teaching methods, online and experimental methods and technical/vocational life skills. They will be trained in classroom management and interest based learning.

Improving Teaching Quality
This will be the central part of the Fellowship program. Increasing the capacity of teachers is the key to bringing positive change to schools and communities. In this program, we will focus on improving our teachers’ ability to communicate ideas in a clear and compelling way, and to create an effective learning environment for children. The training materials will be prepared with support from the Government of Nepal and other stakeholders. National and International trainers (both Nepali and English language) will conduct the training sessions. After the training, fellows will go to the classroom and continue their professional journey in a learning environment that is suited to the local culture.

The extended application deadline is 10th April 2018.