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Scholarships for Government Officials to Study in Korea

Scholarships for Government Officials to Study in Korea
KMC Lalitpur

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, situated in Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, has announced scholarships for Nepali Government employees to pursue studies in Korea.

Ministries, secretariats, commissions, agencies, and offices are directed to select appropriate staff members to be nominated for the scholarship program.

Application Submission Details

The International Financial Aid Coordination Division of the Ministry of Finance requires swift submission of nominated employees' information, encompassing their names, contact numbers, and email addresses. These details must be sent to the designated official email address for submission: dambar.gurung@mof.gov.np

Selection Criteria

There is a notable emphasis on nominating employees who have diligently served in remote regions and those who have not yet had such chances. Priority is given to women, members of tribal communities, Madhesi groups, Dalits, individuals with disabilities, and people from marginalized areas.

View the official notice below:


Study in Korea Scholarships for Nepal Government Officials.pdf

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