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The British School A Level Scholarship

The British School A Level Scholarship
KMC Lalitpur

The British School aims to extend an opportunity for prospective students to become part of its community through the provision of scholarships to children who might not typically consider TBS due to financial limitations. Attaining A-Level qualifications, coupled with the educational environment offered at TBS, presents students with a superb chance to thrive academically. Moreover, the school's comprehensive co-curricular activities and additional support initiatives enrich the educational journey of students, enhancing their prospects of securing admission to their preferred universities.

Scholarship Details

  • The scholarship is a monetary equivalent award towards TBS school fees. It is made by the school to a family who wishes to send their child to The British School.
  • Scholarships are only open to new students.
  • Scholars will need to demonstrate that they would thrive in the international, multicultural environment provided at TBS and that they could excel when faced with the demands of the A-Level course.
  • Scholarships are for entry into the Sixth Form (equivalent to Plus Two) and are for the full duration of the two-year A Level course. contingent On a positive approach to learning, community involvement, and positive behaviour.
  • Scholarships cover between 50% and 100% of tuition fees (dependent on the economic capability of the family), the full amount of the
    Capital Development Fee and between 50% and 100% of the security deposit (again, based on the economic capability of the family).


Any student, that is not presently a member of the school or has not previously been a member of the school, who holds Nepali citizenship or permanent residence rights may apply for a scholarship.

Scholarships are open to students with a passion, talent, and aptitude for a range of academic disciplines and a firm commitment to extracurricular activities. Current subjects offered by the school at A-Level include:

Art and Design

Chinese Language (AS only)






French Language

Media Studies

Physical Education

Computer Science

Design and Technology





English Literature



Spanish Language

Candidates should be at least 16 years of age in August 2024 and should have completed. or be about to take, the SEE. Candidates should be able to speak English fluently and write English to a very high standard. Prospective scholars should write a letter of application to the Principal (no more than 500 words), outlining the following areas and should upload this on the application form mentioned below.

  • Your background e.g. where did you grow up, family, schooling, values you hold etc
  • Your talents and passion(s)
  • Why education at TBS will help you realise your ambitions

The scholarship application form should be completed through the official website HERE which requires an up to date academic transcript of the previous two years of schooling, showing all grades in all subjects. a letter of recommendation from the Principal of the applicant's current school, an application letter to the Principal and a financial declaration of the family (with documents supporting the declaration). Please download the financial declaration form from TBS website under the Admissions tab or contact info@tbs.edu.np to request the form.

Application Deadline: 29th February 2024

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