Research Management Cell Support (for campus) from University Grant Commission (UGC) Nepal

2018-01-23 - 2018-02-07

Research Grant

Type of Support

Specific eligibility

General eligibility

1. New RMC

(New Support for RMC)

Must not have received any RMC support from the UGC before

  • public higher education institution.
  • has at least one academic program with a thesis, dissertation or research component.
  • has a faculty member with eligibility for UGC research grant (For eligibility, see The UGC Research Guidelines 4th Ed. 2017, Section 3.3).
  • A single institution cannot apply for more than one RMC

2. Old RMC

(Continuing Support for previously funded RMC)

Evidence of activity of RMC for last 2 years

Download Application Form 

Selected Application Forms - UGC Research Grants 2074-75.docx

For detail information and instructions download this file:

Detailed Notice - Call for Applications for UGC Research Grants 2074-75.pdf