NHRC Provincial Research Grant 2022

Open From: September 25, 2022
Until: October 18, 2022
This scholarship/grant is closed.
NHRC Provincial Research Grant 2022

Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) has announced a Request for Proposals for Provincial Research Grant for the year 2022. The Research Grant is open for all the students part-taking in UG/PG programs at any Nepalese University. The Purpose of the NHRC Provincial Research Grant Request for Proposals (RFP) is to support innovative research projects on health from eligible Nepali citizens.

Nepal Health Research Council was established in 1991 as an autonomous body to promote health research in Nepal. One of the main functions of the council is capacity development of national researchers in the area of health research methodology. The Council provides research grants to Nepalese undergraduate and postgraduate students, faculties, and national researchers to enhance their capacities in conducting studies in areas related to national health priorities. This call is for provincial research grants. The research grants are also expected to bridge local evidence needs for health decision making at provincial and municipality levels in Nepal.

Grant Scope

The research grant a seeks bold proposal that will contribute to bridging the evidence gap for the Successful implementation of Goal 3 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The proposed research project must be bold, innovative, and transformable, and must have the potential to impact on good health and well-being of the Nepalese population. The grant aims to seek a research proposal on the following themes:

  • COVID-19
  • Neonatal, Maternal and Child Health, and nutrition
  • Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • Mental Health 
  • Accident and injuries
  • Universal health coverage, health financing and health care services
  • Non communicable disease risk factors, preventions and policies
  • Healthy Workplace 
  • Oral Health, Eye Health and ENT 
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • Environmental health
  • Climate change and health
  • Research for Health
  • Social Determinants of Health 
  • Infectious Disease
  • Clinical Research
  • International travel and health
  • Policy Research

Duration of the Grant

The running time for research project is normally 6 months. All successful applicants must complete their project within 6 months after a signing grant agreement form of the NHRC but no later than June 30, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Only applicants from Nepal are eligible to apply.
  2. Researchers should be a health workers/academia/health care provider/health care manager with academic background and professional experiences in Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing or related to health sciences.
  3. Organizations involved in providing health services at local level are eligible to apply. Organizations should not be legally convicted of participation in a criminal organisation, corruption, fraud, money laundering, or been convicted of criminal offenses relating to professional conduct.
  4. The scientific personals must not be employed at organizations that conduct research for commercial purpose.
  5. A project can only have one Principal Investigator and other as co-investigators.
  6. Applicant should not have a history of criminal record or convicted of criminal offence.
  7. Applications must include all required information and attachments. Only complete applications will be considered for peer review.
  8. Proposed ideas must be aligned with the research priority areas.
  9. Every product created by the research shall be subject to the open access principle.
  10. Researchers must comply with the National Ethics Guideline for Health Research of the NHRC.
  11. Same researcher cannot apply in more than one proposal (Both as PI or Co-PI).
  12. Previous recipient of NHRC grants will not be eligible for same category of Grant.
  13. Research Proposals submitted from Research Institute/Academic Institute of the respective province will be given of high preference for selection.
  14. Awardees of previous grants who have not yet summited research report will not be eligible for application.

Application Instructions

Application can be submitted electronically at the email (grant.nhrc@gmail.com) of Capacity Building Section of the NHRC. Electronic application should be submitted in Word file format. Application should be submitted in English. Applicant should submit the following documents;

  • Research Proposal (See Annex I for the template) 
  • CV of Principle Investigators and Co-lnvestigators 
  • A copy of citizenship of Principle Investigator 
  • A copy of registration certificate and tax clearance certificate for organizational proposals
  • Recommendation letter of respective province or municipality mentioning need of the study

Downloads: Template for the Research Proposal.pdf

Review Process

The Capacity Building Section of the NHRC will verify that the proposals meet the formal criteria such as completeness, formal presence, and submission within the deadlines. Proposals that do not meet these criteria will not be processed further. Proposals will be evaluated by the independent Review Panel according to a peer review procedure. Upon completion of peer review including ethical review, NHRC will receive a ranking list and ratings from the Review Panel. Selection decisions will be based on the ranking list and ratings received from the Panel.

Evaluation Criteria

Research proposals will be judged against the following criteria:

  • ls the proposed idea clearly articulated and justify its novelty?
  • ls the potential impact of the proposed research important, both in terms of bridging the evidence gap and impact on policy?
  • ls the project scientifically/technically/ethically sound and feasible within the timeline and proposed budget?
  • Do the Principal Investigator and team have the skills to carry out the proposed research?
  • Does the proposed idea have the potential to fundamentally transform how a health challenge is addressed?

Application Schedule

  • Complete application must be submitted by Kartik 01, 2079 (October 18, 2022) before 5 PM


Any queries related to this RFP should be directed to the

Capacity Building Section,
Nepal Health Research Council,
Ramshah Path, P.O. Box No: 7626, Kathmandu,
Email: grant.nhrc@gmail.com,
Phone: +977 1-4254220/4227460,
Fax: +977 1 4262469 /4268284.

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