Prof. Dr. Chhabi Lal Gajurel Chemistry Award

Open From: September 16, 2021
Until: September 30, 2021
This scholarship/grant is closed.

Professor Dr. Chhabi Lal Gajurel Chemistry award is conferred on the establishment day of the Central Department of Chemistry, Tribhuvan University while lies on 13th of Mangsir.

  • Application form submission deadline: Ashwin 31, 2078 (17 October 2021)
  • Prize amount: Rs. 50,000

Criteria for selection:

  1. Research articles in Chemistry published in SJR ranked journals will only be valid. The research article should have been published after Kartik 1, 2077 (October 17, 2020) and before Ashoj 31, 2078 (October 17, 2021). In the case of multiple publications in the given time frame, applicants must select one to submit.
  2. Applicant must be the first author. 

  3. In order to be valid for the award, the majority of the research must be Nepal-based.

  4. Life-long contributors in the sector may also be awarded.

Dcuments to be submitted:

  1. Complete Application
  2. A research article published in between Kartik 1, 2077 (October 17, 2020) to Ashoj 31, 2078 (October 17, 2021



Prof. Dr. Ramchandra Basnyat

Department head