Nepal Army Welfare Scholarship 2021

Open From: August 04, 2021
Until: September 24, 2021

Nepal Army, Directorate of Welfare Planning, has announced Nepal Army Welfare Scholarship maintained by Nepal Army Welfare Fund for the academic year 2077/78.

Scholarship Details:
  1. Scholarship amount: NPR 20,000 per student per year
  2. Eligible candidates: One child of any incumbent or retired gross ranking officer of Nepal Army
  3. Enrolled grade: Candidates who are currently (in the academic year 2077/78) enrolled in grade 7 or higher till grade 12. (Those who have cleared grade 12 are also eligible)
  4. Age group: For those candidates who are enrolled in grade 12, they shouldn't be over 18 years before Baishakh 1, 2078.
  5. Candidates applying for the scholarship must have secured at least 40% or a CGPA of 1.6 (in case of government/ community schools/colleges) or 50% or a CGPA of 2.0 (in case of private schools/colleges) in the final examination of the year 2077.
  6. Candidates must be enrolled in schools/colleges recognized by the Government of Nepal
  7. In the case of incumbent officers, only the children registered with Nepal Army's HR Digitization will be considered eligible. 

All the applications are required to be submitted by Ashwin 08, 2078 (September 24, 2021) at the Directorate of Welfare Planning, Bhadrakali. For those who are stationed elsewhere, submissions can be made at their respective units/forces and retired officers can submit to any unit/formation that is the most accessible to them

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