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GSS Top-25 Merit Scholarship

Open From: May 15, 2024
Until: June 16, 2024
GSS Top-25 Merit Scholarship
KMC Lalitpur

Global School of Science has unveiled a selection of 25 outstanding scholarships. Located in Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Global School of Science is a Top +2 School that has been giving these scholarships to deserving students.


Students who have successfully passed the SEE (Secondary Education Examination) can participate in this year's program. Students who have taken this year's exam and are waiting for the result can apply provisionally. 


Those interested in joining the prestigious Merit Top 25 scheme can submit their applications through the college administration or its website. Click here to apply for this scholarship. 


The selection examination is divided into three main parts;

  1. Written Examination: 60 Marks
  2. Interview: 10 Marks
  3. SEE GPA: 30 Marks 

Written Examination 

The written examination for this program will encompass the subjects studied in the 10th grade. It will consist of a written test worth 60 marks, 

  1. Science: 30 Marks
  2. Mathematics: 20 Marks
  3. English: 5 Marks
  4. General Knowledge: 5 Marks 


Students who achieve a score exceeding 45 marks on the written test will receive an invitation to participate in an interview. During the interview, a total of 10 marks will be allocated.


Additionally, the SEE 'GPA' (Grade Point Average) obtained by the student will serve as the basis for 30 marks. The top 25 candidates will be chosen from a pool of 100 marks, combining the scores from the scholarship exam (60 marks), the interview (10 marks), and the GPA (30 marks).

Click here to apply for this scholarship.


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