A-Levels 2081

Educational Incentive Schemes for Children of Civil Servants 2080/81

Open From: March 28, 2024
Until: April 12, 2024
This scholarship/grant is closed.
Educational Incentive Schemes for Children of Civil Servants 2080/81

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) in Nepal has unveiled an educational encouragement program targeted at aiding the children of civil servants. This endeavor is aligned with the ministry's "Directives for Granting Educational Benefits to Civil Servants' Children, 2078," and is crafted to offer assistance to students as they commence their higher education pursuits.

Key Details

  • Deadline for Application Submission: Chaitra 30, 2080 (April 12, 2024)
  • Applications can be filled online HERE


  • Achieving a minimum GPA of 2.4 or obtaining more than 50% marks in the 10th plus 2nd equivalent examination,
  • Enrolment in a domestic university or an educational institution within the country affiliated with such university,
  • Currently in the first year, first semester, or second semester of a bachelor's or equivalent program, or in the final stages of the first year or second semester pending practical examinations, until the application deadline.
  • Age not exceeding twenty-five years,
  • Not holding a permanent position in the Nizamati Service, Nepali Army, Nepal Sentinel, Armed Sentinel Force, or any governmental or local authority.

Required Documents​​​​

  1. Citizenship certificate (including migration certificate if the current permanent address is different),
  2. Admission letter (SLC/SEE) and educational certificates of 1002 (transcript/transcript and character certificate),
  3. Recommendation letter from the parent employee's office (according to the format available HERE). In the case of retired employees, a pension entitlement letter or retirement letter,
  4. Letter of recommendation from the National Examination Board or the relevant local level education authority for having passed the higher secondary education or equivalent examination from a community or government higher education institution,
  5. Admission receipt, and fee structure from the institution (college/campus) attended,
  6. Certified letter from the relevant district administration office or government document confirming the incident in case of the descendants of employees who died in the course of government work,
  7. Documents proving incorporation,
  8. Certificate proving the relationship between the parent employee and the student child if it cannot be revealed from the citizenship,
  9. Copy of identity card in case of incumbent employee,
  10. Recent passport size photograph of the parent employee and student child.

This educational incentive program signifies a notable initiative by the Nepalese government to bolster the educational progression of civil servants' offspring. Through offering financial aid for higher education, MoFAGA seeks to foster and facilitate the academic and vocational development of the upcoming generation. Prospective candidates who meet the criteria are encouraged to apply promptly, ensuring compliance with the stipulated requirements and deadlines.

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