​Application open for Barbara Adams Investigative Journalism Award 2017

2018-03-08 - 2018-03-30

Application for Award

Barbara Adams had established the award in 2nd Jestha, 2070 under the Tribhuvan University, Journalism and Mass Communication Central Department.

The application can be submitted either by e-mail at [email protected] or applicants can submit the application directly at the office.

Important dates:

Deadlines for the submission of  the investigative reports: 2074, Chaitra 16 (March 30, 2018)

Award worth price: Rs. 1 lac
Criteria for the award:
  1. The work should be published in the Nepali communication medium. The communication medium should be any of the Nepali print media, radio, television and online media.
  2. The award for 2017 should have been published in the same year.
  3. The investigative work should be about the Nepali society.
  4. No age limit for the award.
  5. If the institution does not want to unveil the name of the reporter then the award will be going to the respective institution.
  6. Any chief personnel of media can recommend for any journalist to be nominated for the candidacy.
  7. The interested applicant should present his/her investigative work in the video clip, audio clip or printed online publication in maximum 500 words.
  8. The sole authority to decide on the winner of the award is vested in the Barbara Adams Investigative Journalism award operation committee and jury.