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Plus Two Scholarship Entrance Exam Model Question (Science) - Edusanjal

May 21, 2023
Last updated May 22, 2023
Plus Two Scholarship Entrance Exam Model Question (Science) - Edusanjal
KMC Lalitpur

Edusanjal +2 Scholarships 2022

Entrance Examination



Full Marks: 80

Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


This test assesses the competency of the candidates for enrollment into +2 Program in Science.

The test contains a total of 80 multiple choice questions. (Science, Maths, English, Nepali and General Knowledge).


Please read the following instructions below carefully.

  • Write your Name and SEE Symbol Number clearly in the space given in the Answer Sheet.
  • During the Test, do not leave your seat unless it is necessary for which you would have to take permission.
  • Please maintain complete silence in the examination hall.
  • Do not use calculators.
  • Questions are self-explanatory. Further clarification will not be entertained.
  • Do not write anything on the Test Paper. Use scrap paper provided for rough work.
  • Read the questions carefully. Mark your choice on the answer sheet as shown below in the example:

  A B C D

If your answer is C, you have to highlight the circle below C accordingly.

  • In multiple choice questions, choose the best option marking it carefully. More than one answer to a question or cancellation by over-writing or smudging of answer choices shall entail loss of marks for that question. 
  • At the end of the Test, do not leave your seat or the hall until your test papers (Question Papers and Answer Sheet) are collected by the Invigilator.


  1. The largest organ in the human body is……….
    a) Skin     b) Liver c) Pituitary d) Heart
  2. Who discovered hydrogen?
    a) Lavoiser      b) Sheele      c) Priestley   d) Cavendish
  3. A kilowatt-hour is a unit of ……
    a) Electric current   b) Power   c) Electric charge   d) Energy
  4. The ratio of speed and velocity is ……
    a) Greater than or equal to one b) Always less than one
    c) Less than or equal to one d) Always greater than one
  5. Which of the following is Ohm’s law?
    a) I = R/V        b) V = I/R      c) R = V/I     d) All of these
  6. Dihydric alcohol is …..
    a) Ethanol       b) Glycol   c) Glycerol     d) All of these
  7. Which pair contains one vector and one scalar quantity?
    a) Displacement and Acceleration          b) Momentum and Velocity
    c) Force and Kinetic energy d) Power and Speed
  8. The speed of light in a certain transparent substance is 2/5 of its speed in air. The refractive index is ……
    a) 0.4           b) 2 c) 2.5     d) 5.0
  9. Which of the following contains both covalent & ionic bonds?
    a) CCl4   b) CaCl2 c) NH4Cl d) H2O
  10. An example of thermosetting plastic is ….
    a) Bakelite     b) Polyethene c) PVC     d) All of these
  11. The electrode that is connected to the positive terminal of the cell is called ….
    a) Cathode b) Anode c) Anion d) Cation
  12. Valency of the phosphate ion is…………
    a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5
  13. The layer of earth’s atmosphere with the increasing altitude is arranged as ……
    a) Stratosphere, Troposphere, Mesosphere, and Ionosphere
    b) Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere and Ionosphere
    c) Ionosphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere and Troposphere
    d) Troposphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere and Ionosphere
  14. Which vitamin is known as biotin? 
    a) Vitamin H    b) Vitamin K      c) Vitamin A    d) Vitamin C
  15. Which one is the gymnospermic plant?
    a) Marchantia     b) Fern      c) Pinus d) Mango
  16. The branch of Biology that deals with the study of animal behavior  is called…..
    a) Zoology   b) Sociobiology  c) Ethology    d) Ethnobiology  
  17. Which of the following is considered as the direct ancestor of  modern man?
    a) Ramapithecus   b) Erect Man     c) Cro-magnon man        d) Neanderthal man 
  18. The weight of a freely falling body of mass 10 kg is _____ . 
    a) 100 N     b) 10 N   c) 98 N   d) Zero
  19. Variation in offspring can be observed in …..
    a) Vegetative reproduction     b) Asexual reproduction
    c) Sexual reproduction           d) Both a and b
  20. In the bacterial cell, mucopeptide is present in ________ . 
    a) Cell Wall  b) Plasma membrane c) Cytoplasm  d) Nucleoid
  21. Double fertilization takes place in …..
    a) Angiosperm   b) Gymnosperm      c) Fern   d) Spirogyra
  22. One of the books _____ on the table. 
    a) is   b) am     c) are    d) were
  23. I'd go out tonight if I ……. (not have to) work tomorrow.
    a) will not have to b) had not to   c) didn’t have to  d) won’t have to
  24. He is accused ……… stealing a gold cup from a temple.
    a) from         b) off     c) of               d) by
  25. My father said that honesty…………..the best policy.
    a) was b) has      c) is        d) were
  26. The study of the situation covers a great deal of relevant material but does not tackle the real issues ………. enough.
    a) adequately    b) vaguely  c) currently d) disturbingly
  27. There is nothing to lose. The correct passive voice of the given sentence is ….
    a) Nothing is there to lost.    b) There is nothing to be lose.
    c) There is nothing to lose.   d) There is nothing to be lost.
  28. He’d rather _____ home tonight than go to watch movies.
    a) stayed   b) have stayed   c) stay   d) had stayed
  29. They manufacture it ………. license from the parent company.
    a) under    b) in   c) off     d) of
  30. The synonym of the word ‘extravagant’ is _______ . 
    a) economical    b) spendthrift  c) privy     d) thrifty
  31. A multi-talented person is called _______. 
    a) dexterous     b) versatile     c) ambidextrous    d) maladroit
  32. Iron is ………. useful metal.
    a) a    b) the       c)  an   d) none
  33. Printed notice of a person’s death is _______. 
    a) obituary    b) epitaph      c) sympathy     d) Eulogy
  34. Unfortunately, we had to cancel it owing ……… the bad weather.
    a) in b) to c) of d) about

Read the given passage and select the correct answer as per the information given. [Question 35-37]

If an opinion contrary to your own makes you angry, that is a sign that you are subconsciously aware of having no good reason for thinking, as you do. If someone maintains that two and two are five, or that Iceland is on the Equator, you feel pity rather than anger, unless you know so little of arithmetic or geography that his opinion shakes your own contrary conviction.

  1. If someone else's opinion makes us angry, it means that …..
    a) we are subconsciously aware of having no good reason for becoming angry
    b) there may be good reasons for his opinion but we are not consciously aware of them 
    c) our own opinion is not based on good reason and we know this subconsciously
    d) we are not consciously aware of any reason for our own opinion
  2. Conviction means …….
    a) persuasion     b) disbelief   c) strong belief    d) ignorance
  3. The second sentence in the passage …….
    a) builds up the argument of the first sentence by restating it from the opposite point of view.
    b) makes the main point which has only been introduced by the first sentence.
    c) simply adds a further point to the argument already stated in the first sentence.
    d) illustrates the point made in the first sentence.
  4.  Don’t get off the bus until it is ______.
    a) station   b) stationery     c) stationary     d) None
  5. She has lodged _________ FIR against the culprits.
    a) a b) an c) the d) none
  6. He was……… rude to me last night.
    a) rather   b) whether   c) if     d) either
  7. Which of the following is incorrectly punctuated? 
    a) Having finished lunch, the manager took a short nap. 
    b) The men, at the meeting, were excited about the project., 
    c) She said to me, “Can you help me with the load”? 
    d) She bought a pen; he, a pencil. 
  8. Everyone should look ahead and save ____ money each year. 
    a) a few    b) a little     c) a many      d) much
  9. I will make her ____ the telephone. 
    a) answer    b) answering     c) answered     d) to answer
  10. How many floors are there in the renovated “Dharahara”?
    a) 11     b) 21    c) 22    d) 10
  11. Who holds the current world record for the fastest summit of all 14 peaks above 8000 m?
    a) Kami Rita Sherpa   b) Nirmal Purja    c) Tenzing Norgay  d) Lhakpa Sherpa
  12. Which is the biggest province of Nepal by area? 
    a) Bagmati    b) Lumbini     c) Karnali    d) Gandaki
  13. The upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 is going to be held at?
    a) Germany   b) UAE   c) Qatar    d) England
  14. In which year did World War I start?
    a) 1922   b) 1939   c) 1945   d) 1914
  15. What is the minimum age requirement of a person in Nepal to be eligible to vote in the national election?
    a) 16    b) 18    c) 21    d) 14
  16. How many days did the war of Mahabharata last?
    a) 15  b) 16  c) 17   d) 18
  17. How many local levels are there in Nepal?
    a) 753   b) 811   c) 522   d) 626
  18. In which district is Bulbul lake located?
    a) Pyuthan   b) Ilam   c) Surkhet   d) Bajura
  19. Which country is also known as 'Cockpit of Europe'?
    a) Netherland b) Belgium c) Italy     d) England
  20. Sum to n terms of 1 + 3 + 5 + ….. + 39 is ……
    a) 250       b) 400        c) 390     d) 175
  21. If 9x-1=3x+1 , which one of the following is a value of x?
    a) 5 b)   4 c)   3 d)    1
  22. If a : b = 2 : 3 and a : c = 3 : 5, then b : c = …….
    a) 2:5     b) 5:2     c) 10:9     d) 9:10
  23. The difference between compound interest and simple interest on a sum of Rs. 8000 for 2 years at 15% p.a. is ….
    a) Rs. 140    b) Rs. 160     c) Rs. 180     d) Rs. 80
  24. If 8 = , then the value of cos7 + cos is ……
    a) 1 b) - 1   c) 0     d) 2
  25. If A∩B=∅, then B - A is …..
    a) A      b) B       c) A - B       d) ∅
  26. If p is an even integer and q is an odd integer, which of the following must be an odd integer?
    a) pq   b) pq     c) 2p + q    d) p + 2q
  27. If the market price is w, cost price is x, profit is y and discount is z, then what is the relation among w, x, y and z ?
    a)  w = x+y+z     b) w+x  = y+z    c) w+x = y−z     d) xy = w+z
  28. The circle x2 + y2 - 8x + 4y + 4 = 0 touches ….
    a) x-axis  b) y-axis  c) both axes   d) doesn't touch the axes
  29. The points (a, 0), (0, b) and (1, 1) are collinear if …..
    a) a+b = ab     b) a – b = ab     c) b–a = ab   d) a+b+ab = 0
  30. Arun's salary was increased by 30% then later it was decreased by 30%, what is the net change % in his salary?
    a) 9        b) 4       c) 1     d) None of these
  31. If 0 < x < 1, which of the following expressions is greatest?
    a) 1x      b) x         c) x3       d) x4
  32. The chances that A can solve a certain problem is 14 and the chance that B can solve it is 23. Find the chance that the problem will be solved if both try?
    a) 34          b) 14            c) 16         d) 23          
  33. The value of K for which x2 - 4Kxy + 4y2 = 0 represents a pair of coincident lines is ….
    a) K = 3       b) K = 2         c) K = - 5       d) K = 1
  34. The average age of a family of five members is 24 years. If the present age of the youngest member is 8 years, what was the average age of the family at the time of the birth of the youngest member?
    a) 25            b) 22               c) 20        d) 19
  35. वृक्ष शब्दको पर्यायवाची शब्द कुन हो ?  
    a)  माता          b) रुख        c) गगन   d) घर
  36. अझ खिस्स हाँसिरहन तपाईँलाई लाज छैन ?’ यस वाक्यमा आएको ‘खिस्स’ शब्द कुन वर्ग अन्तर्गत पर्छ ?
    a) नाम   b) विशेषण     c) विस्मयादिबोधक d) क्रियाविशेषण
  37.  सम्भावनार्थक क्रियापद कुन हो ? 
    a) खायो    b) खाने छ    c) खाला   d) खादै छ
  38. कुन इच्छार्थक रूप हो ? 
    a) बस्ला     b) बस्     c) बसोस्      d) बस 
  39. ‘विद्याको सर्टिफिकेट कोठाको बाकसमा हुन्छ । भलादमीको प्रमाणपत्र सधैं उसका शरीरउपर विज्ञापन जाहेरी गर्छ ।’ यस गद्यांशमा आएको ‘सर्टिफिकेट’ कस्तो शब्द हो ?
    a) तत्सम       b) तद्भव   c) आगन्तुक d) कुनै पनि होइन
  40. अचारको सानो रूप जनाउने शब्द कुन हो ? 
    a) टुक्रो    b) चोक्टो  c) पित्को     d) पोटी
  41. तलकामध्ये अनुकरणात्मक शब्द कुन होइन ?
    a) टक्क     b) झमक्क c) चिसिक्क        d) चिन्तित
  42. धाननाच नेपालको कुन जातिमा प्रचलित छ ?
    a) लिम्बु       b) गुरुङ        c) राई     d) मगर
  43. वर्षा कविता कसले लेखेको हो ? 
    a) सिद्धिचरण श्रेष्ठ    b) लक्ष्मीप्रसाद देवकोटा     c)  माधवप्रसाद घिमिरे    d) पारिजात
  44.  जयभुँडी निबन्ध कसले लेखेको हो ? 
    a) भैरव अर्याल     b) पारिजात   c) देवकुमारी थापा    d) सिद्धिचरण श्रेष्ठ
  45. हामीे प्रधानमन्त्री समक्ष निवेदन पेस गर्छौ । यसमा समक्ष को पदवर्ग को हो ?
    a) नाम    b) विशेषण    c) नामयोगी    d) निपात
  46. परिष्कारवादी कवि भनेर कसलाई चिनिन्छ ? 
    a) लक्ष्मीप्रसाद देवकोटा   b) भरतराज पन्त   c) सिद्धिचरण श्रेष्ठ          d) पारिजात
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