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Plus Two Scholarship Entrance Exam Model Question (Non-Science) - Edusanjal

May 21, 2023
Last updated May 22, 2023
Plus Two Scholarship Entrance Exam Model Question (Non-Science) - Edusanjal
KMC Lalitpur

Edusanjal +2 Scholarships 2022

Entrance Examination



Full Marks: 80

Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


This test assesses the competency of the candidates for enrollment into +2 Program in Science.

The test contains a total of 80 multiple-choice questions. (Science, Maths, English, Nepali, and General Knowledge).


Please read the following instructions below carefully.

  • Write your Name and SEE Symbol Number clearly in the space given in the Answer Sheet.
  • During the Test, do not leave your seat unless it is necessary for which you would have to take the permission.
  • Please maintain complete silence in the examination hall.
  • Do not use calculators.
  • Questions are self-explanatory. Further clarification will not be entertained.
  • Do not write anything on the Test Paper. Use scrap paper provided for rough work.
  • Read the questions carefully. Mark your choice on the answer sheet as shown below in the example:

  A B C D

If your answer is C, you have to highlight the circle below C accordingly.

  • In multiple choice questions, choose the best option marking it carefully. More than one answer to a question or cancellation by over-writing or smudging of answer choices shall entail loss of marks for that question. 
  • At the end of the Test, do not leave your seat or the hall until your test papers (Question Papers and Answer Sheet) are collected by the Invigilator.


  1. If you …….. down the volume, the music won't disturb me.

a) slowed b) slow     c) slows d) didn't slow

  1. Select the correct spelling.

a) Seprate b) Saprate c) Separate d) Seperate

  1. If they …….. the trees, our village would have more greenery.

a) planted b) plant     c) had planted d) plants 

  1. Which of the following has wrong spelling?

a) Arguement    b) Deceive     c) Conceive   d) Relief

  1. Which of the following expresses a request?

a) May I dance here? b) Can you help me please?

c) Don't sit here anymore? d) Can you run away?

  1. The word 'examination' has ………….. syllables.

a) three b) four c) five       d) six 

  1. Which of the following asks for permission?

a)  Could you tell me the answer? b) Would you ask him anything?

c) Would it be alright if I sat here? d) Shall I buy you an ice-cream?

  1. They are feeling 'under the weather'. What does the underlined idiom mean?

a) To enjoy everything   b) To feel ill   c) To take a rest     d) To get wet  

  1. What is the antonym of 'Relief'?

a) Advantage    b) Benefit c) Ease     d) Impediment

  1. What does break a leg mean?

a) To meet an accident b) To wish someone good luck.

c) To cheer up d) To fall in a trouble

  1. Which of the following is in Simple Past Tense?

a) They had returned back. b) She has called him.

c) He read five pages. d) They meet him now.

  1. Ramesh is qualified. …………, he hasn't got any job.

a) Although b) However c) Because d) Even though

  1. ………. his gruffy voice, he was selected as MC.

a) Despite of    b) In spite of     c) Although   d) However   

  1. The past participle form of 'Seek' is …….

a) Seeking    b) Seeked c) Sought d) Seeken   

  1. A few people came to the party, ……..?

a) did they?   b) didn't they?     c) won't they?    d) wouldn't they?

  1. No one answered our call, …….?

a) did they?   b) didn't they?     c) didn't she?   d) did he?

  1. Simon called him. Its negative statement is …….

a) Simon hadn't called him. b) Simon didn't call him.

c) Simon doesn't call him. d) Simon didn't called him

  1. Which of the following statements is correct?

a) None know the answer.

b) She read the book yesterday.

c) They had collected everything next day.

d) Someone are calling you.   

  1. How …….. sugar do you want?

a) little b) many c) much d) few 

  1. The interrogation of 'Shyam has a book' is ……

a) Has Shyam got a book? b) Does Shyam have a book?

c) Did Shyam has a book? d) Does Shyam get a book? 

  1. Identify the noun.

a) Classify   b) Classification   c) Beautiful   d) Important  

  1. One of my cousins ……. in the USA.

a) are b) were     c) is     d) None of these

  1. Neither Ramila not her daughters …….. sick.

a) was b) is     c) were     d) has

  1. 'Assist the poor woodcutter.' The correct passive voice is …..

a) The poor woodcutter is assisted.  b) We should assist the poor woodcutter.

c) Let the poor woodcutter be assisted. d) None of these

  1. He said, 'I was alone yesterday.' The indirect speech is …..

a) He said that he was alone yesterday.

b) He said that he had been alone the day before.

c) He said that he had been alone yesterday.

d) He said that he was alone the previous day. 


Read the following passage and answer the questions given below (26-30):

The next 40 years in the 20th century were a revolutionary time, with many events that would end up shaping the world, such as the Great Depression, World War II, Cold War, putting a man on the moon, Civil Rights Movements, and the counterculture movement. In the 1940’s, the Art Deco Bold Look came into popularity. This style can be found throughout architecture, like in the Sears Tower, fashion, automobiles, trains, art, and many manufactured goods. Art Deco is a style of visual arts with the intent to look and feel modern; and was influenced by bold geometric and represented faith in social and technological progress. Some men in this same era wore kipper ties as part of the ‘Bold Look’.  In the 1960’s, the Kipper tie came back into popularity with younger people who were tired of the skinny tie look. The kipper tie can be recognized by its short length and wide breadth, and often features bold designs and colors.

The 80’s were a wild time for fashion, with huge fashion trends like the hip-hop movement, New Romantic, and Miami Vice. The 80’s are remembered for its bright and bold colors and patterns. At this time, wide ties began to be synonymous with older men; younger people started wearing narrower ties that were reminiscent of the 1950’s. Novelty ties also grew into popularity, with ties with specialty prints and crazy designs like the piano key tie and thousands of other fun and zany patterns. The 90’s tie styles were very similar to the 80’s, but tended to be wider. Paisleys and colored floral prints became popular at the end of the 20th century. The 1990’s are also responsible for the shift into business casual, with business moguls like Bill Clinton and Steve Jobs ditching the full suits for more comfortable and casual dress. 

  1. The hip-hop movement was popular in …..

a) 1990s b) 1980s c) mid 1990s d) late 1970s

  1. In the 1980s, wide ties were popularly worn by ….

a) the youngsters b) the adults   c) older man   d) young ladies

  1. The Art Deco Bold Look is a/an ….

a) Style of modern tie b) Cubic art c) Abstract Art d) Style of Visual arts

  1. Kipper ties symbolized ….

a) Bold look     b) Classic look   c) Celebrity      d) Modern look

  1. Short length and wide breadth were of …..

a) Italian tie b) European tie c) Kipper tie d) Classical tie

  1. Rational numbers are the numbers which can be expressed in the form of  pq where p and q are integers and …..

a) q = 0           b) p = 0           c) p 0              d) q 0

  1. If 65% students have taken Math and 55% students Computer. How many have taken both the subjects?

a) 10%          b) 15%         c) 20%            d) 25% 

  1. If x+2,  3x and 4x+1 are in AP then x = ?

a) 1               b) 2                    c) 3                     d) 4

  1. What is the common difference of an AP whose first term is 3 and 15th term is 143?

a) 5                 b) 10                   c) 13                   d) 15

  1. The Geometric mean between 169 and 9 is ….

a) 4                 b) – 4                c) both a) and b)       d) 43

  1. Simplify: 3x+2-3x8.3x.

a) 1                b) – 1                  c) 0                   d) 2

  1. If  z-2x x+y y-x y-z   =  1 3 1 -1 , find x,y,z. 

a) 1, 2, 3          b) 2, 1, 3              c) 2, 3, 1                 d) –1, –2, –3

  1. For what value of k will the point 1,-2 lie on the curve x2+y2+kx-4y-15=0?

a) 1               b) 2                     c) –1                   d) –2

  1. Find k if 1, 4, -3, 16 and k,-2 are collinear?

a) 1               b) 2                      c) 3                    d) 4

  1. The equation of straight line which passes through 3, -2 and has slope = –2 is ….

a) 2x+y = 4    b) 2x+y+4 = 0    c) 2x-y = 4       d) None

  1. The solution set of x≥0 and y≤0  represents the ….

a) 1st quadrant        b) 2nd quadrant         c) 3rd quadrant               d) 4th quadrant

  1. If 12, 17, 2x+3, 3x+5, 36 and 43 are in ascending order and the median is 24 then x is ….

a) 4           b) 6             c) 7              d) 8

  1. If C.V. = 5% , S.D. = 2 then mean = ?

a) 20          b) 30             c) 40              d) 50

  1. If the area of a square is 196m2, then its perimeter is …..

a) 28m           b) 42m             c) 56m              d) 62m

  1. If a2-6a-1 = 0, find a2+1a2.

a) 30               b) 36                    c) 38              d) 40

  1. The remainder when 5x2-x-12 is divided by x-2 is ……

a) 3               b) 6                   c) 5                    d) 4

  1. A letter is selected at random from the letters of the word ‘PROBABILITY’ then the chance that it is a vowel is ….

a) 3/11           b) 4/11             c) 5/11              d) 2/11

  1. Out of 32 students 12 are girls. Then the probability that the selected student is a boy is ….

a) 5/8           b) 3/8             c) 8/5              d) 8/3

  1. If P(A ∪B) = 0.55, P(A) = 0.4 and P(B) = 0.35 then P(AB) = ?

a) 0.14           b) 0.15             c) 0.20             d) 0.75

  1. If a : b = 2 : 3 and b : c = 4 : 5 then a : b : c is ….

a) 8 : 10 : 15      b) 8 : 12 : 15        c) 6 : 9 : 16      d) 15 : 12 : 25

  1. Value of cos12o + cos84o + cos156o + cos 132o = ….

a) 12 b) 12 c)  -12          d) -18

  1. If 15 men can finish a work in 16 days, in how many days 8 men finish twice as great work?

a) 15           b) 30             c) 45              d) 60

  1. The area of square field is 144m2, then its perimeter is ….

a) 12m b) 48m c) 144m d) 150m

  1. If 3, x and 12 are continued proportions, then x = ?

a) 5 b) 6

c)8  d) 9

  1. The list price of an article is 25 % above the selling price then the rate of discount is ….

a) 20 %           b) 25 %            c) 30 %             d) 35 %

  1. A boy is 3 years older than his sister. Two years ago, the sum of their ages was 19. How old is the boy now?

a) 13 years          b) 12 years            c) 11 years            d) 10 years

  1. A, B and C invest Rs 4000, Rs 5000 and Rs 6000 respectively. Total profit comes to Rs 3000. The share of profit of A is ….

a) Rs 800          b) Rs 1000           c) Rs 1200              d) Rs 1800

  1. The simple interest on a certain sum for 2 yrs at 9% p.a. Is Rs 90, find the sum.

a) Rs 400          b) Rs 420        c) Rs 450         d) Rs 500

  1. At what time does a sum of money triple itself at the rate of 20%?

a) 5yrs              b) 10yrs          c) 15yrs           d) 20yrs

  1. Find the compound interest on Rs 4500 for 2yrs at 10%?

a) Rs. 450          b) Rs. 900        c) Rs. 945         d) Rs. 954

  1. 'Human Rights Day' is observed on ….

a) December 08 b) December 09
c) December 10 d) December 11 

  1. In Nepal, 'Constitution Day' is celebrated on …

a) Ashwin 03   b) Jestha 15 c) Baisakh 11     d) Falgun 07

  1. Capital of Portugal.

a) Bucharest     b) Lisbon c) Porto d) Braga

  1. Which country is known as 'Gift of the Nile'?

a) Italy b) Congo     c) Ethiopia d) Egypt

  1. Who is known as 'Father of Computing'?

a) John Atanasoft b) Charles Babbage
c) Blasie Pascal d) Alan Turing

  1. The full form of 'GPRS' is ….

a) General Packet Rocket Station
b) General Packet Radio Services
c) Global Packet Radio Station
b) Global Packet Rocket Services

  1. Who wrote the famous book 'Great Expectations'?

a) Charles Dickens b) Leo Tolstoy
c) Joseph Heller d) Chinua Achebe

  1. Who wrote the famous Nepali book 'Tin Ghumti'?

a) Siddhi Charan b) B.P. Koirala
c) Gopal Rimal d) Bal Krishna Sama

  1. Who designed the logo of SAARC?

a) Abul Ahasan b) Jagat Bishwokarma

c) Shailendra Maharjan d) Sheel Kant Sharma 

  1. Which is the largest religion in the World?

a) Buddhism   b) Hinduism c) Islam     d) Christianity

  1. Height of Mt. Annapurna.

a) 8019 m b) 8485 m c) 8586 m d) 8848 m

  1. Winner of Nobel Prize in Economic Science 2021?

a) Maria Ressa b) David Card
c) Dmitry Muratov d) Abdulrazak Gurnah

  1. Currency of Bangladesh.

a) Rupee b) Dinar c) Taka d) Manat

  1. National Sports of Argentina.

a) Pato b) Football c) Skiing d) Polo

  1. Winner of 'SAFF Championship 2021'?

a) Bangladesh b) Nepal c) India d) Pakistan

  1. Largest Hydropower Plant in Nepal.

a) Middle Marsyangdi HP b) Upper Tamakoshi HP

c) Kaligandaki HP d) Sunkoshi HP

  1. First Nepali Movie to be nominated for Oscars.

a) Muna Madan b) Mask of Desire
c) Caravan d) The Black Hen

  1. 'If you want a thing done well, Do it yourself'. The famous quotation is given by …

a) Adolf Hitler b) Nelson Mandela

c) Napoleon Bonaparte d) Mahatma Gandhi

  1.  In a certain code, DIAMOND is written as VQYMKLV. How is FEMALE written in that code?


  1. If O = 16, FOR = 42, then FRONT will be equal to …

 a) 61 b) 65
c) 73 d) 78

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