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Model Questions for M.Sc Botany program: Tribhuvan University


February 25, 2023
Model Questions for M.Sc Botany program: Tribhuvan University
KMC Lalitpur

The Central Department of Botany published this model question. Students who want to enroll in M.Sc in Botany program must appear and pass the entrance examination conducted by the Institute of Science and Technology (IOST), Tribhuvan University.  

Note: Entrance questions cover complete B.Sc Botany Course. 

  • Full Marks: 100
  • Pass Marks: 35
  • Time: 2 hours 


1.    The protein shell that encloses the nucleic acid in virus is called    
a. Capsid    
b. Genome    
c. Tail fiber    
d. Spikes
2.    Palmella stage is found in algal genus        
 a. Spirogyra    
b. Voucheria    
c. Chlamydomonas    
d. Chara

3.    According to Bentham and Hooker system, which one of the following belongs to the order Parietales?

a. Leguminosae    
b. Malvaceae    
c. Guttiferae    
d. Cruciferae

4.    The causal organism of Citrus canker is        
a. TMV    
b. Alternaria    
c. Helminthosporium    
d. Xanthomonas

5.    Which of the following atmospheric gases does not have green-house effect?
a. CO    
b. O3    
c. CH4    
d. N2O

6.    What kind of ribosome is seen in mitochondria and chloroplast?
a. 80s    
b. 70s    
c. 50s    
d. 40s

7.    Activity of one gene can be suppressed by the activity of a non-allelic another gene, it is known as

a. Pseudo-dominance    
b. Hypostasis    
c. Epistasis    
d. Incomplete dominance

8.    The most common solidifying agent used in micropropagation is

a. Agar    
b. Dextran    
c.  Sodium alginate    
d. Gelrite

9.    Which of the followings has a perforated cell wall?    
 a. Vessel    
b. Fibre    
c. Tracheid    
d. Sclereid

10.    Cinnamomum tamala is known in Nepali as        
a. Chutro    
b. Ritha    
c. Tejpat    
d. Pipla

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