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KUUMAT Guidelines and Sample Questions


June 08, 2023
Last updated May 17, 2024
KUUMAT Guidelines and Sample Questions
KMC Lalitpur

KUUMAT Test is designed to assess the suitability of applicants for Under- Graduate study in Management.  The total test is divided into 5 sections of varying length and duration.  The total duration of all sections is expected to be around 2 hours.

The test consists of questions broadly in the areas of

Verbal Assessment

The sections evaluating verbal skills assess the ability to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate written content, along with identifying errors and ineffective expressions. These sections gauge your familiarity with the fundamental rules of standard written English and your comprehension of a given passage through questions related to the passage. Additionally, they assess your understanding of word meanings and relationships, such as antonyms, synonyms, and analogical reasoning. Critical reasoning skills are also assessed within these sections.

Quantitative Assessment

On the other hand, the sections assessing quantitative skills measure basic mathematical abilities and comprehension of elementary mathematical concepts. They also test your quantitative reasoning, problem-solving skills, and interpretation of data presented in tables or graphs.

Some Important Points for Taking KUUMAT

Read the directions in each section of the test carefully. Directions in each section change. The directions explain exactly what each section requires in order to answer each question type. There are time limits fixed for each section.

Should You Guess

If you lack knowledge about a question, it's generally advisable to skip it. Incorrect answers receive negative scores while omitted questions receive zero. This means you gain one point for each correct answer, zero points for skipped questions, and lose one-fourth (0.25) of a point for each incorrect answer. However, if you possess some knowledge about a question and can eliminate incorrect answer choices, your likelihood of selecting the correct answer improves. In essence, employing "intelligent guessing" based on partial knowledge rather than blind or random guessing can be beneficial for you.

KUUMAT Exam Rules

  1. Report to your Test Center about half an hour before the test time. Check with the supervisor at the center regarding the seating arrangement.
  2. Bring your identity card to the test center.
  3. Bring with you two or three H.B. pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, a pen and a calculator.
  4. Bring a watch. Synchronize your watch with that of the test center or supervisor/invigilator.
  5. Books, compasses, slide rules, drawing instruments, papers of any kind will not be allowed into the test room.
  6. Indicate only one answer to each test question that you choose to answer. Multiple responses to a question result in the question being considered incorrect.
  7. When you take the test, you will mark your answers on the separate answer sheet provided.
  8. Pay close attention to directions given by the supervisor. When the supervisor/invigilator tells you to start or to stop you must follow his/ her instructions accordingly.
  9. Any candidate giving/seeking/receiving any kind of assistance during the test from other candidates will be expelled from the test center.
  10. At the end of the test, be seated in your position. Do not leave the hall immediately. The supervisor/invigilator will collect the test booklet, and your answer sheet. You will be allowed to leave after collection of all the papers from all the candidates in your hall.
  11. Keep the admit card safe for the second phase of admission test in the respective colleges.

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