Hult Prize at IMS Announces Finalists for Upcoming Competition

February 02, 2023

The Hult Prize at Institute of Management Studies (IMS), a prestigious competition for innovative ideas and solutions, is rapidly approaching its on-campus finals. In preparation for the event, the Hult Prize organization recently held a semi-final competition, which saw 32 teams participate. After careful evaluation and consideration, 8 teams were selected to advance to the final round of competition.

The semi-final program was hosted by three esteemed individuals; Saroj Upadhyay, Biraj Ghimire, and Vikesh Adhikari, who are well known for their expertise and experience in the field. The hosts thoroughly evaluated the ideas presented by the competitors, who hailed from a range of diverse fields, and ultimately selected the 8 teams that would move on to the finals.

The final program of the Hult Prize at IMS is scheduled to take place on January 20th at Anand Bhoomi Events in Baneshwar. This event is highly anticipated, as it will bring together the best and brightest minds to compete for the prize and present their innovative ideas and solutions to a panel of judges and a wider audience. The competition promises to be an exciting and enlightening event, showcasing the cutting-edge ideas and initiatives that are shaping the future.

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