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First Day Of Grade XII

December 01, 2022
Last updated December 14, 2022
First Day Of Grade XII
KMC Lalitpur

As I woke up to the sound of my alarm, my heart was full of excitement but tinged with a hint of nervousness at the prospect of beginning a new year at my college. With plans for the day racing in my head, I got prepared for my first day and got into the relatively empty bus beside the window.  Soon, however, my friends poured into the bus and we were abuzz with talk of what our first day would be like, how our vacations were, how the new sections would be arranged, and whether we’d be together with our old friends.

As we got off the bus, we saw a glimpse of DIs checking the bags of students. We quickly stood in line to get our bags checked. After the checking was done, we got informed to go to the 4th floor. At first, we gasped at the thought of going to the 4th floor daily with our heavy bags. Eventually, we went back briefly to our old classrooms and wondered if we were all in the same section and class again, but we were soon informed of our seat plans and departed to our respective sections. We were so shocked to see our classrooms fully renovated. It turns out that despite the classes being reshuffled, most of the old classmates were still in the same section as us. Seeing many familiar faces around me in the new classroom was comforting, and soon my best friend entered the same section as well. We were so happy to see one another in the same class.

Shortly, the first class started. Our teacher entered the classroom, we greeted him and he introduced himself and started talking about our courses. Then our counselor ma’am came to give our class routine. After seeing the routine, me and my old classmates, who were in the same class as me, got very happy to know that some of the teachers were the same as in grade 11. Soon, the first class ended. We were still adjusting to the new classroom and seeing the new faces reminded us of the first day of grade 11. After the second period, we had the lunch break. We were kind of confused as there used to be a break after the third period in grade 11 and now we are supposed to have lunch after the second period.

To celebrate the first day of grade 12, we went to eat in the café and had chicken patties which were delicious as always. There was still some time left after eating, so, we went to meet our old classmates and we chatted for a while. Soon after some time, the bell rang and we went back to our classroom.

The teacher entered and it was accounting class. He chatted with us for a while and introduced himself to us. The other three teachers came too and told us about their subjects. The classes were finally done at 11:30 am.

We waved goodbye to our classmates and me and my best friend also waved goodbye to each other and parted ways. I quickly went to find my bus and got back home.

Author: Pritisha Shrestha​

Grade XII, Business Studies, United Academy 

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