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Counseling Session on Abroad Study for ACCA Students Held

April 06, 2022
Last updated April 07, 2022
Counseling Session on Abroad Study for ACCA Students Held
KMC Lalitpur

ACCA, a worldwide course that plays a key role in the area of accountancy, has lately gained tremendous popularity in Nepal. ACCA is gaining popularity since it is an affordable course that can be completed at any time, and there is a high demand in the market for students who have completed it.

Students who have achieved the ACCA in less than three years can pursue a career in the world alongside Nepal. ACCA students who began their studies in Nepal can simply continue their education in any nation across the world. In light of this, the Certified College of Accountancy (CCA) hosted a one-day session on Career Counseling for Abroad Studies on Saturday (ACCA Route).

The event, which was held in Kathmandu in conjunction with Learning Park Education Services, attracted over 500 ACCA students. The career counseling program is particularly valuable for students who wish to take their ACCA journey to the worldwide level, according to the students who participated.

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