Application Letter Format for Foreign Exchange Recommendation

February 04, 2022
Last updated February 13, 2022

Schedule - 6
(Relating to Sub-rule (2) of Rule 27B)

(1) To get the facility of foreign currency exchange: (1) If a person who has received no objection letter pursuant to Sub-rule (1) of rule 27A to go abroad for higher study, wants to get the facility of foreign currency exchange shall produce an application before the Ministry of Education pursuant to schedule 6. 
(2) While making an inquiry into the application received Subrule (1), if the application is found appropriate, the Ministry of Education shall recommend to the concerned authority to provide facility of foreign currency exchange to the application in the format prescribed in schedule 7. 


Ministry of Education,
Kesharmahal, Kathmandu.

Subject: Request for recommendation of foreign exchange

I need recommendation letter of foreign currency exchange from this Ministry to go to study in abroad, I have made an application enclosing the fees and maintaining of the details as follows:

  • Name of the applicant: (In English Block Letter)
  • Address: (In English Block Letter)
  • Father's/Mother's Name: (English Block Letter)
  • Subject requested for Study: (In English Block Letter)
  • Level of study (language/training): (In English Block Letter)
  • Name of the Institution where to Study: (In English Block Letter)
  • Name of the Country to go for Study: (In English Block Letter)
  • Name and address of Bank or Financial institution interested to get foreign exchange: (In English Block Letter)
In case applied by parents Applicant
Signature :–
Name and surename:–
Address :–
Date :– 
Signature :–
Name and surename:–
Address :–
Date :– 


Included Documents
1. Copy of citizenship Certificate
(It the name of an applicant is mentioned differently in the citizen certificate and educational certificates, one has to produce a document containing a reference he/she is the same person so certified from the District Administration Office)
2. Copy of transcription or certificate of one level below than to which he/she is going for a study level.
Note :
Separate forms shall be submitted inclosing the evidence of revenue paid for the same for each subject, level and institution.