Nepal Journals Online (NepJOL)

Tribhuvan University, Central Campus, Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Nepal Journals Online is the online publication service managed by Tribhuvan University Central Library. Covering a full range of academic disciplines, It is a database of journals published in Nepal. The goal of NepJOL is to raise the profile of the member journals and the research they publish. Hosted by Ubiquity Press, it is a part of the Ubiquity Press Network.

Criteria for journal selection for inclusion:

  1. They are scholarly in content and contain original research (in addition to other content).
  2. Their content is peer-reviewed and quality controlled.
  3. They are able to provide all content for inclusion on NepJOL (tables of contents, abstracts, and PDFs of full text) in electronic format.
  4. They are published within Nepal. Management of publishing strategy, business development, and production operation are all run from Nepal.

Salient Features

For researchers

The journals are arranged alphabetically to assist scholars in finding relevant journals and to allow browsing. A comprehensive search function is available on the website to assist researchers in locating articles of interest and relevance to their field of study. Email alerts also serve as a reminder, notifying scholars of freshly released issues from their chosen titles. Each journal has its own home page, where researchers may learn about the publication's goals and scope, as well as how to submit articles to each journal. If the journal is accessible in print, there is also information on how to purchase copies.

Many journals make their whole text available online. Some authors post their entire text on another website; links are provided on the abstract page of each article. Please remember that NepJOL is not the publisher of these journals, therefore if you have any questions, you should contact them directly.

About Nepal Journals Online (NepJOL)

Each participating journal's purpose and scope, contact information, and general information are all available on NepJOL. Tables of contents and abstracts (where available) for all articles published in these journals are also available. There are several full-text articles available as well. All content on NepJOL is free to view, search, and browse; however, the journals or authors retain copyright to all content, and any use or re-use of the content that falls outside of Fair Use will require permission from each journal. NepJOL isn't a publishing house: NepJOL helps journals by hosting their content online and actively promoting the site to attract others to discover it.

  • Tribhuvan University, Central Campus, Kirtipur, Kathmandu
  • Established 2007 AD
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Tribhuvan University Central Library
Tribhuvan University Central Library
  • Tribhuvan University Central Campus, Kirtipur, Kathamndu, Kirtipur