VC of Kathmandu University shared inspiring message to the MD/MS Entrance Examinees



Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University (KU) Prof. Dr. Ram KM Shrestha gave an inspiring message to the MD/MS Entrance examinees.  This message he recalled his journey of Medical Profession and inspires the fellow medicos. This message is reproduced here:

My dear fellow medicos,

On behalf of the Kathmandu University (KU) family, I deeply appreciate your trust upon us as your institution of choice to pursue higher medical degrees. This institution, with an unwavering commitment to quality and equity in education, considers this as its most prized asset.

As a person who underwent similar ordeal few decades back, I know exactly what this exam means to you. I congratulate all those who have succeeded. With this, you step into a new era of your professional lives, with a responsibility to sincerely learn and then selflessly serve those who will need your expertise. To those who have not succeeded this time, I reiterate my age-old dictum, 'You may be disappointed but should not be discouraged.' The fact that KU is not able to accommodate you now does not in any way question your capacity or potential. I am sure better opportunities await — if not this time, maybe next time; if not here, maybe somewhere else. Thank you for accepting our notion of healthy competition as the impetus to drive for excellence.

The School of Medical Sciences of KU is committed to advance medical education in our country to make it a world-class institution. As we have always done, we will continue to consolidate existing and create new opportunities. I am sure our paths will cross in this noble mission. The greatest hindrances we face in our lives are none other than our own perceptions and the boundaries we set. I urge you all to be boundless in your dreams and move forward with the same perseverance and dedication that has brought you up to this stage.