Urgent Notice from Monitoring Directorate, Tribhuvan University



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14th July, 2017


Tribhuvan University Monitoring Directorate today published an urgent notice in Gorkhapatra. The notice states that, "all the faculties, researchers and staffs working in various Study Centres, Dean Office and Constituent Colleges, Central Departments, Research Centres, Teaching Hospitals if wish to work for any other organizations in the shift other than their regular working hours in the University and its offices need to pre-inform the Monitoring Directorate and take permission from the Directorate.

All the previous provisions regarding this had been repealed by Monitoring Directorate bylaw 2073. Hence,it is mandatory for all the staffs and faculties to take permission from Monitotring Directorate again.

Directorate had also asked all the organizations not to employ TU employees and officials who hadn't taken such permission.

The notice further states that, "anyone found going against the provision, will be punished as per rules and regulations of the University."