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Trimurti Niketan Celebrates Literary Excellence in Nepal through Prestigious Awards

February 12, 2024
Trimurti Niketan Celebrates Literary Excellence in Nepal through Prestigious Awards

In a grand ceremony commemorating the 17th Trimurti Day and the 122nd birth anniversary of Natya Samrat Balakrishna Sama, Trimurti Niketan honored three accomplished writers for their remarkable contributions to Nepali literature. The esteemed 'Lekhnath Kavya Puraskar,' 'Balkrishna Sam Puraskar,' and 'Devkota Kavya Puraskar' were conferred upon individuals who have excelled in promoting the Nepali language through poetry, drama, and literary dedication.

The Lekhnath Kavya Puraskar 2079 was presented to Prof. Mukundasharan Upadhyay, a stalwart in Nepali language literature for over six decades. Prof. Upadhyay's contributions to classical verse poetry and his efforts to promote poetry earned him this well-deserved recognition. The award includes a copper plate and a cash prize of one lakh Nepali rupees.

Hari Bahadur Thapa, renowned for his significant role in the theatrical field, particularly for his performance in the play Malati Mangale, received the Balkrishna Sam Puraskar 2079. Thapa's acting prowess in numerous plays has established him as a prominent figure in Nepali theater.

Jai Prasad Pandey was recognized with the Devkota Kavya Puraskar 2079 for his unwavering dedication to the development of Nepali poetry over the last six decades. Pandey's efforts in editing and publishing the unpublished works of the great poet Lakshmi Prasad Devkota showcased his commitment to enriching Nepali literary heritage.

Narendraraj Prasai, the founder and member secretary of Niketan, expressed pride in overcoming challenges to strengthen the organization and establish a substantial fund for the awards. The prize money, initially set at ten thousand rupees, has now been increased to one hundred thousand rupees, reflecting the organization's commitment to honoring literary excellence.

Upon receiving the Lekhnath Poetry Award, Prof. Mukundasharan Upadhyay stressed the importance of a collective commitment to the development and revival of the Nepali language. He urged institutions such as Tribhuvan University and the Nepal Pragya Foundation to focus on protecting and respecting the Nepali language.

Indira Prasai, President of Niketan, emphasized the significant role of various personalities in strengthening the literary organization. Trimurti Niketan, established in honor of literary legends Lekhnath Paudyal, Balakrishna Sam, and Lakshmi Prasad Devkota, continues its tradition of awarding the Lekhnath Paudyal Award, Balakrishna Sam Award, and Devkota Kavya Award to writers every year on Trimurti Day, celebrating the rich legacy of Nepali literature.

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