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Technical Schools Nurturing Entrepreneurship Through Vocational Agriculture

March 29, 2024
Technical Schools Nurturing Entrepreneurship Through Vocational Agriculture

Alongside their academic pursuits, students from a school in Myagdi have generated Rs. 2,50,000 this year through vegetable farming and poultry rearing, with the district's sole technical school inspiring them to explore vocational agriculture.

Situated in Malika Rural Municipality-7 of Western Myagdi, students from the agricultural technical school have been involved in both seasonal and off-season vegetable cultivation and poultry farming. Among the 40 students studying agricultural science subjects at the school, 15 are actively engaged in vegetable farming alongside poultry rearing. The school campus houses 16 poultry sheds where students are instructed in the entire process of production, harvesting, poultry management, and marketing. According to Jungbahadur Garbuja, the school's principal, students who have gained experience in poultry farming from the initial phase are now managing poultry operations at their own homes.

As students acquire knowledge about cultivating vegetables, timing harvests, and marketing produce through hands-on learning at the school, their enthusiasm is bolstered. In addition to poultry farming, the school involves students in various agricultural activities. The institution, where subjects such as crop science and veterinary medicine are taught, has witnessed an increase in student enrollment, encouraging them to pursue careers in commercial agriculture. The school initiated courses such as a 29-month Junior Technical Assistantship (JTA), a 3-year Diploma in Agriculture (Crop Science), and 3-year courses in Animal Science since 2068.

Currently, students from 11 districts are enrolled at the school, according to Principal Garbuja. "We aim to foster self-reliance among students through the 'study and earn' program," he stated. Garbuja highlighted that 75% of the profit from vegetable sales is distributed among the students, while 25% is allocated for educational trips and other academic activities. He also mentioned that the school provides loans to students in need of immediate funds for new production.

"We facilitate students interested in 'study and earn'," added Garbuja. "Students are annually earning over Rs. 2,50,000 by selling vegetables such as radish, potato, rice, and seasonal produce."

Vishnu Subedi, the coordinator of the agricultural technical school, emphasized the goal of connecting students studying agriculture with production and income. "Practical education is our focus here. All our students are self-reliant and are earning good profits," he affirmed.

According to Coordinator Subedi, students currently sell 25 quintals of mushrooms annually and earn substantial income from various fruits and vegetables. The school has leased more than 20 ropanis of land and offers practical education to its students. With well-organized agricultural farms, including paddy fields, vegetable plots, and poultry units, along with eight 'tunnels', students find it convenient to produce and market their goods. Sirjana BK from Baglung shared her journey from gaining practical experience in agriculture by working with farmers to pursuing agricultural science studies, inspired by her experiences at the school.

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