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Teachers Service Commission Releases Lower Secondary Level Examination Results

May 05, 2024
Teachers Service Commission Releases Lower Secondary Level Examination Results
KMC Lalitpur

Teacher’s Service Commission has unveiled the outcomes of the competitive examination for the position of lower secondary level, third-grade teachers.

The commission disclosed the results of the open competitive subject (general) examination, conducted to fill teaching vacancies. Today, the Commission has made the results public for all seven provinces.

The commission had conducted the general examination on the 8th of Baisakh.

According to the released data, 3,743 candidates from Koshi Province successfully passed out of the 14,677 participants who appeared for the exam. Similarly, in Madhesh Province, 1,197 candidates emerged victorious out of 4,585 participants.

The Bagmati Province witnessed 3,832 candidates out of 12,506 successfully passing the general examination. Likewise, in Gandaki Province, 3,534 candidates out of a total of 11,945 participants were successful.

Further analysis reveals that 2,820 of the 10,271 candidates participating from Lumbini have succeeded. In Karnali, 687 candidates have triumphed out of 2,641 participants.

Sudurpaschim Province showcases a promising turnout, with 1,796 successful candidates out of 6,909 participants.

The commission also provided insight into the upcoming examination centers. Exams are scheduled to take place in Morang of Koshi, Dhanusha of Madhesh, Hetauda of Bagmati, Kaski of Gandaki, Dang of Lumbini, Surkhet of Karnali, and Kailali of Sudurpaschim Province. Detailed information regarding examination centers will be published in the Commission's notice, ensuring transparency and accessibility for all participants.

The results can be viewed below:

Koshi Province Result

Madhesh Province Result

Bagmati Province Result

Gandaki Province Result

Lumbini Province Result

Karnali Province Result

Sudurpaschim Province Result

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