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Student Safety Concerns as Hostel Deteriorates

April 11, 2024
Student Safety Concerns as Hostel Deteriorates
KMC Lalitpur

As the hostel building of Nepal Sanskrit University, Janata Sanskrit VidyaPeeth, located in Tulshipur Municipality-18, Dang, deteriorates, students are put at risk. According to student Udhyam Pokharel, the deterioration of the old building has made the living conditions inside risky, especially with the old cots. "When it's windy, there is dust inside. The situation for students living here is frightening," he said. "The building is old, and the fear of collapsing or getting hurt looms over us."

The building's surroundings are overgrown with weeds, and signs of water seepage are visible on the walls. The hostel building was completed in 2049 B.S. Over the thirty years since its construction, every structure has weakened.

Former student Bhim Lal Marasini, who lived in the same building for seven years, from 2055 to 2062 B.S., said, "I stayed there for seven years. The building was good until 2055 B.S. But now, seeing it after coming back, it's deteriorated, and there are many problems."

Eight students currently reside in the deteriorated building. After the building's dilapidation, the process of constructing a new building has moved forward, according to the university's principal, Yograj Sharma. He stated that a detailed project report (DPR) has been prepared and sent to the Indian Embassy, and assurance has been received that the budget will arrive in the upcoming fiscal year.

When students were forced to spend the night in the deteriorated building, teachers faced difficulties even after the construction of the new building. Teachers from the secretary and undersecretary levels had to come from outside, which caused problems in finding accommodation in the village, explained Principal Sharma. Therefore, priority was given to building for the teachers.

Due to the absence of students residing in the hostel for some time, the hostel was vacant for some time.

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