Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management Introduced Bachelor in International Culinary Arts (BICA) Program


December 29, 2020
Last updated July 15, 2021

Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management launched BA in International Culinary Arts (BICA) for the first time in Nepal on 25th December 2020. 

Nepal, with its huge potential and possibility, is a thriving place for hospitality-related education. The college introduced an international touch to the local marketplace and serving world-class education at an affordable price for its people. For the past two decades, the college has been proved to create milestones in producing qualified hoteliers and entrepreneurs for the hospitality and tourism sector. Hence, after several years of intense homework, polishing and reworking, the college has been successful in introducing new program.

Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management family extend its gratitude towards students, patrons and well wishers and always look for guidance and support in the coming days.  

Bachelor in International Culinary Arts (BICA)

The BICA program is a four-year degree program, in affiliation with Queen Margaret University, UK. It is among their highly successful curriculum and have produced magnificent chefs and culinary experts in the world of culinary arts. This degree does not only focus on cooking aspects, but beautifully balances sustainability, entrepreneurship, leadership and production. 

With adequate curriculum components of actual lab exposure, industry inclusive internships and immersive research, the college strongly believes that new culinary specialists will be well-equipped with knowledge and experience to lead any assigned position. The program is meticulously designed by leading educators, food experts and chefs from around the globe, which gives college a confidence for its smooth-running and its effectiveness. Moreover, the program is approved by Ministry of Education, Nepal Government.