Salary of CEOs of Commercial Banks of Nepal



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According to details obtained by edusanjal, the top CEOs of Nepal’s Commercial Banks pocket Rs 585,000 to Rs 19 million a year.

Among the 27 commercial banks in operation as of the last fiscal year, CEO of NIC Asia Bank earns the most while the management chief of Nepal Bank Limited who was appointed by the central bank has the smallest salary.

It means that 27 CEOs have salaries ranging of Rs 45,000 to Rs 19, 42,000 a month.

Their monthly average salary stands at Rs 600,000 a month. This amount does not include performance based pay and other perquisites such as expenses for vehicles and newspapers.

1.       CEO of Agriculture Development Bank: Annual Salary Rs. 2.8 million

2.       CEO of Bank of Kathmandu: Annual Salary Rs.8.5 million

3.       CEO of Century Commercial Bank: Annual Salary Rs. 8.1 million

4.       CEO of Citizens Bank International: Annual Salary Rs. 7.8 million

5.       CEO of Global IME Bank:  Annual Salary Rs. 9.75 million

6.       CEO of Grand Bank:  Annual Salary Rs. 8.7 million

7.       CEO of Himalayan Bank: Annual Salary Rs.8.7 million

8.       CEO of Investment Bank: Annual Salary Rs. 15.7 million

9.       CEO of Kumari Bank: Annual Salary Rs. 6.9 million

10.   CEO of Machhapuchre Bank: Annual Salary Rs. 7.5 million

11.   CEO of Mega Bank:  Annual Salary Rs. 1.75 Million

12.   CEO of NCC Bank: Annual Salary Rs. 4.9 million

13.   CEO of Nepal Bank limited: Annual Salary Rs. 0.8 Million

14.   CEO of Nepal SBI Bank: Annual Salary Rs. 4.7 million

15.   CEO of NIC Asia: Annual Salary Rs. 19 million

16.   CEO of NMB Bank:  Annual Salary Rs. 5.2 million

17.   CEO of Rastriya Banijya Bank: Annual Salary Rs. 3.2 million

18.   CEO of Sanima Bank: Annual Salary Rs.8.4 million

19.   CEO of Siddhartha Bank: Annual Salary Rs. 8.4 million

20.   CEO of Sunrise Bank: Annual Salary Rs. 6.8 million