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Refusal of Teacher's Organization to Accept Federation's Decision

April 03, 2024

The circular issued by the Nepal National Teachers' Association aimed at clarifying fees has sparked objections. 

The organization's seven provincial presidents jointly released a press statement expressing their discontent, pointing out inconsistencies in the association's regulations and promotions.

The deviation from core responsibilities, under the pretext of the Nepal Teachers' Federation, has raised concerns. This occurred through the issuance of a letter dated 2080-12-16 No. 102, convening a session of the District Committees of the Nepal Teachers' Federation. These concerns are related to statistics and contentious issues regarding appointments, as outlined in the joint statement, garnering serious attention from all seven provincial committees.

"It may be deemed necessary to rely on the democratic method of election procedures; however, this letter has effectively prohibited the democratic election process," stated the joint press release, rejecting directives issued under the banner of the Nepal National Teachers' Association.

Although promotion letters were issued in district form based on the consensus of all component chairpersons, the failure to update and modernize statistics, despite the possibility to do so, suggests a deliberate attempt to evade the association's decision.

The current working committee of the association was elected on Falgun 28, 2074. As per the association's constitution, a new working committee should be elected every three years through a grand convention. However, the association has continued its operations by extending the deadline.

Since Falgun 28, 2074, the National Working Committee of the association has completed six years and entered the seventh year of its tenure.

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