Pokhara University Marks 27th Year with Dedication to Excellence in Higher Education

July 17, 2023
KMC Lalitpur

Pokhara University, a leading institution in higher education, commemorated its 27th year since its establishment. The university celebrated its founding on Shrawan 1, 2053 B.S.; every year, it is observed as Pokhara University Day. The institution has become a prominent figure in the nation's higher education landscape and a symbol of academic heritage.

In honor of its establishment day, Pokhara University organized a formal program at its Lekhnath premises, focusing on cleanliness and reflecting on the university's establishment, development, and expansion. Participants expressed their gratitude and paid tribute to the visionaries who played pivotal roles in establishing the university.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. Dr. Prem Narayan Aryal, Vice-Chancellor of Pokhara University, highlighted the importance of involving the private sector in the university's growth. Given the relatively low government investment, he emphasized the need for self-development and expansion, establishing new colleges in relevant fields and areas and forging new partnerships. Dr. Aryal also stressed the university's commitment to monitoring colleges regularly, eliminating non-functional programs, promoting research and entrepreneurship among faculty and staff, and updating the curriculum.

Prof. Dr. Tirth Raj Aryal, Chairman of the Pokhara University Service Commission, stressed the significance of enhancing the qualifications of teachers and providing guidance for research and theses. Prof. Dr. Deepak Bahadur Bhandari, the University's Registrar, acknowledged that student enrollment is the university's primary revenue source. Thus, efforts will be made to expand student participation by organizing employment-oriented programs in new locations. 

Associate Prof. Dr. Ajay Thapa, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, proudly mentioned that Pokhara University, which started from scratch, now offers undergraduate, graduate, MPhil, and doctoral programs. With 64 programs running under 66 colleges, the university currently enrolls over 37,000 students—a matter of great pride.

Prof. Rajesh Kumar Thagurathi, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, urged everyone to consider Pokhara University as their home and contribute to its development. He emphasized the importance of selecting students based on merit rather than mere enrollment numbers. 

Associate Prof. Dr. Amar Nagila, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, commended Pokhara University for its significant contribution to higher education and encouraged individuals to pursue knowledge and become capable professionals. Associate Prof. Dr. Daya Raj Dhakal, Dean of the Faculty of Management, expressed his deep affection for the university and called for collective progress driven by love and dedication.

During the program, Associate Prof. Dr. Tulsi Ram Bhandari, the Controller of Examinations, urged everyone to be dedicated and focused on the university's mission. He stressed the collective responsibility of building and safeguarding the institution, ensuring its growth and development. Yogaraj Lamichhane, a University's Executive Council member, emphasized the importance of active contribution and commitment to the university's management and administration, following established rules and procedures. He also highlighted the need for fair compensation, considering the frequency of multiple meetings daily.

Prof. Dr. Deepak Raj Poudel, Chief of the Planning and Program Division, highlighted the abundant opportunities available to teachers and staff within the university. He urged everyone to embrace these opportunities positively. Associate Prof. Dr. Nirajan Shrestha, President of the Pokhara University Teachers' Association, called for collective dedication to physical and academic infrastructure development, seeking to end prevailing cultural challenges. He emphasized the importance of managing classrooms, playgrounds, curriculum, library, and assembly halls and involving teachers and staff in recruitment processes.

Ram Babu Bhandari, a member of the Pokhara University Assembly, highlighted the challenges and opportunities in university administration and emphasized the significance of unity among students, faculty, and staff in driving progress and advancement. Associate Prof. Dr. Purna Bahadur Khand, Executive Director of the Curriculum Development Center, encouraged critical evaluation and forward momentum in the university's development and expansion.

Associate Prof. Dr. Shijan Gyawali, Director of the School of Business, emphasized the equal importance of everyone's contribution to the university's operation and called for responsible work ethics. Cholakanta Chwain, President of the Pokhara University Employees' Association, emphasized the need for the university to align its functioning with its objectives and avoid unnecessary matters.

The establishment day program of Pokhara University witnessed the presence of officials, teachers, and staff members from various institutions. Vice-Administrator Shivraj Pandit presided over the program, celebrating the university's journey and its unwavering commitment to excellence in higher education.

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