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Parliament Calls for Permanent Status for Child Development Teachers

March 31, 2024
Last updated April 02, 2024
Parliament Calls for Permanent Status for Child Development Teachers

During today's Strengthening and National Interest Committee meeting, held on Chaitra 18, 2080, a Member of Parliament emphasized the importance of making child development teachers permanent. Addressing the assembly, Indira Gautam, a lawmaker from the Nepali Communist Party (Maoist Centre), underscored the necessity of allocating a sufficient budget to ensure the effective operation of educational centers for child development. She stressed the significance of further organizing these centers to enhance the quality of education.

Regarding the issue of partisan politics in the education sector, Sumana Shrestha, Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, announced plans to launch a campaign to end partisan interference in education, beginning with Tribhuvan University (TU). He stated, "Partisan divisions are obstructing investment in the education sector. My primary effort is to eliminate partisan influence in the Public Service Commission." Additionally, he disclosed the commencement of applications for membership in the Public Service Commission.

During the session, Suresh Adhikari, Secretary of the Ministry of Education, presented the progress and plans for the education sector. He advocated for an increase in the educational budget allocation, highlighting initiatives to rebuild schools in earthquake-affected areas such as Jajarkot. Adhikari remarked, "Efforts are underway to augment the budget for reconstructing schools in earthquake-affected areas, alongside endeavors to secure financial resources."

Addressing the committee, Jag Prasad Sharma, a National Assembly member from the Nepal Communist Party, emphasized the imperative need to increase investment in education substantially in the forthcoming budget. He pointed out the inadequacy of improving the education sector with the current outdated budget and proposed the consolidation of curricula across both private and public schools.

Similarly, Kiran Babu Shrestha, a lawmaker from the Nepali Congress, asserted that education is paramount for any nation's economic and social development. He stressed the importance of adequate budget allocation for education and recommended both the allocation of funds and the effective implementation of educational programs.

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