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Nepal Teacher's Federation Under Investigation

May 10, 2024
Nepal Teacher's Federation Under Investigation
KMC Lalitpur

The National Teacher's Organization of Nepal finds itself embroiled in internal conflict as the legality of the National Committee of the Nepal Teacher's Federation comes under investigation.

Yesterday (Baisakh 27), the National Teacher's Organization announced that the National Committee of the Nepal Teachers' Federation has been deemed unconstitutional. This declaration has sparked a wave of disagreement within the organization. The Executive Committee of the Federation has emphasized serious concerns regarding the unauthorized activities undertaken by the aforementioned committee.

In a press release issued today (Baisakh 28), it was revealed that the inauguration of the Second General Assembly of the Federation, originally scheduled for Baisakh 10, has been postponed. This decision comes in light of an announcement made on Baisakh 27. The Executive Committee of the Federation has expressed grave concern over this matter.

Furthermore, the press release stated categorical disagreement with the National Committee's unauthorized activities. According to the Federation's prevailing constitution, local, district, and provincial organizations elected through annual updated membership figures play a vital role in managing upper-level conventions. However, discrepancies have arisen in the application of these constitutional provisions.

In various districts, district committees have unilaterally declared themselves contrary to the constitutional procedures outlined by the Federation. This unilateralism has sparked controversy and raised questions about the organization's adherence to democratic processes.

Moreover, the press release highlighted the failure of the National Committee to convene meetings in accordance with the constitutional requirements over the past three years. This failure has been attributed to an unauthorized and non-transparent manner of operation.

The situation has led to concerns about the inclusivity of the organization, as newly appointed teachers at the local and district levels find themselves marginalized from participating in important conventions.

In response to these developments, requests were made to postpone the announced national assembly. However, rather than adhering to constitutional procedures, unilateral decisions have been made, further exacerbating the internal dispute within the National Teacher's Organization of Nepal.

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