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Namche Hack-A-Week Successful

January 17, 2023

In the creative collaboration and presentation, a group of talented and enthusiastic professionals completed the Hack-A-Week program in the final week. Organized by LOCUS 2023, this competition brought developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from all over to work together and challenge themselves to develop new solutions to real-world problems.

A local professional community organization, LOCUS 2023, organized the Namche Hack-A-Week event, supported by established companies such as Namche, F1Soft International, IMark Digital, Rara Labs, and Danphe Care. The sponsors provided financial support and professional expertise to the participants, which enabled them to take their ideas to the next level

The program was a great success, with participants showcasing many impactful projects. A web app that helps users monitor their health, an AI tool that helps translate words into video clips, and various other solutions were presented that were both practical and effective.

The program featured competition in four categories: Digital Health, FinTech, Generative AI, and DevOps Tools. The winners were Team AI-Majing, Team Software Chezars, Team Super-Position, and Team VSUS, respectively, in each category.

The winners of the Digital Health category designed a brilliant yoga coach that provides users with real-time video feedback and guidance. Similarly, the FinTech category winners, Tolly Software Chezars, used their blockchain application to develop a decentralized KYC verification tool. Tolly Super-Position developed a tool that can translate words into video clips, which helped them win in the Generative AI category, while the Tolly VSUS team of developers won in the DevOps Tools category.

The organizers of the hackathon expressed their gratitude to the sponsors for their support and contributions to making the program a success. They also acknowledged the participants' hard work, dedication, and innovative ideas and thanked them for their participation.

Namche Hack-A-Week served as an essential platform for solving problems and improving lives by harnessing the power of technology. With the support of companies such as Namche, F1Soft International, IMark Digital, Rara Labs, and Danphe Care, the local community was able to make a positive impact on the world and continue to do so in good condition.


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