Model Questions for BBS Second year Cost and Management Accounting from TU



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Tribhuvan University, faculty of Management today published a model questions for MGT 212: Cost and Management Acounting BBS Second year.

Full Marks: 100 : and Pass Marks: 35

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate ful marks.

Atempt All Questions

Brief Answer Questions: [10 x 2 = 20]

1. State any two objectives of cost acounting.

2. Define perpetual inventory system.

3. What is value analysis?

4. Mention any two causes of labor turnover.

5. Write any two limitations of volume based costing system.

6. A manufacturing company provides you the folowing information of material X:

  1.  Total cost at economic order quantiy Rs. 200
  2.  Ordering cost per order Rs. 50
  3.  Cost per unit of material Rs. 20
  4.  Carying cost is 10% of inventory value

Required: Anual requirement of material X

7. Manakamana Ltd. is working now at its anual normal capacity of 200 units. The total cost per

unit is Rs. 10. The anual fixed costs are Rs. 50,00.

Required: Total cost at 60% of the normal capacity.

8. Folowing particulars of a worker are provided:

  1.  Standard time alowed 15 hours
  2.  Actual time spent 12 hours
  3.  Wage rate per hour Rs.20

Required: Efective wages under Rowan Premium Plan

9. The folowing information of a manufacturing company are provided:

  1.  Anual requirement 3600 units
  2.  Safety stock 10 days consumption
  3.  Re-order period is 5 days

Required: Re-order level

10. The folowing particulars are extracted from the records of a company:

  1.  Begining and ending number of employes were 20 and 250 respectively
  2.  Number of employes quit and discharged was 25 and 10 respectively
  3.  Employes replaced during the period were 30

Required: Labour Turnover Rate under Separation Method

To download the full Model Questions in PDF Form Click in this link: Model Questions BBS Second year Cost and Management Accounting.pdf

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