Ministry of Education planning to start "Training for education counsellors"



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To ensure for proper counselling service for students who are interested to go abroad, Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education (MoE) is preparing to train education counsellors across the Nepal. 

According to  chief of the Department of Scholarship and Foreign Education under the MoE,Dillishwor Pradhan,they were in the process of finalising the guidelines and curriculum for the training, which will be conducted in different phases starting from Kathmandu .

Currently there are more than 1,000 education consultancy in Nepal of which 425 have applied for approval at the MoE as MoE made approval mandatory to run consultancy according to Educational Consultancy Service and Language Teaching Directives. 

According to Pradhan, the MoE is also planning to set up a monitoring mechanism to oversee the performance of education consultancies. 

“We have already monitored some 85 consultancies for approval,” Pradhan said. “Only those institutes that meet the criteria set by the Directives will get the approval for operation.”

Records at the MoE show that the number of students going abroad for higher studies is increasing every year. In the fiscal year 2013/14, a total of 28,126 students applied for No Objection certificate, which is the highest recorded number of students applying for abroad studies. In the previous fiscal, 16,499 students had applied for No Objection certificate.