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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Launches Volunteer Program to Elevate School Cleanliness Standards

April 12, 2024
Kathmandu Metropolitan City Launches Volunteer Program to Elevate School Cleanliness Standards
KMC Lalitpur

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has initiated a voluntary service program to elevate the cleanliness standards of schools. This program sees the mobilization of volunteers to ensure the upkeep and hygiene of educational institutions within the city.

Under this initiative, the Metropolitan City has enlisted the support of 45 volunteers for youth and children (Samyuva), and an additional 100 volunteers for environmental and children (Baba) programs. These volunteers have undergone a comprehensive 4-day training session provided by the Metropolitan City.

Out of the 437 applicants for volunteer positions, 247 were shortlisted, and following interviews, selected volunteers have been assigned to work alongside focal teachers in schools for a duration of 6 months.

Spearheaded by Saraswati Pokharel, Chief of the Education Department, this program has witnessed a significant increase in female participation. Pokharel highlights the program's objective to promote greenery and aesthetic improvement in schools.

Each volunteer commits to dedicating 2 days a week (Wednesday and Friday) to their respective schools. Their primary responsibility is to collaborate with focal teachers and students of the Baba group to effectively implement the "beautiful school" program. To ensure smooth execution, volunteers are required to devise a program plan with focal teachers every Wednesday for implementation on Fridays.

Activities under the program include maintaining school premises cleanliness, organizing waste categorization efforts, and contributing to institutional activities aimed at enhancing the learning environment.

Volunteers are urged to be mindful of children's natural rights and exercise caution in their interactions. It is emphasized that they avoid one-on-one meetings with students, respect their privacy, and prevent any potential acts of violence.

The program also incorporates initiatives such as 'Book Free Friday' and 'Sip in Education', aimed at fostering student engagement and interest. Fifteen sub-groups have been established to cater to various interests and subjects, ensuring a diverse and engaging educational experience for students from Grades 4 to 10.

Overall, the volunteer program underscores Kathmandu Metropolitan City's commitment to enhancing educational environments and fostering community engagement in the realm of education.

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