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KDBC Organized 'Meet for Constructive Future" Series IV

Focus on Sustainable Development within our Own Borders
July 27, 2023
KMC Lalitpur

On July 27, 2023, Kathmandu Don Bosco College (KDBC) hosted the "Meet for Constructive Future 4 Panel Discussion" at Hotel Yak & Yeti, drawing esteemed VVIP panelists and delegates from various sectors to shed light on vital issues concerning Nepal's agriculture and education sectors.

The event commenced with a symbolic lighting of the panas and a warm welcome by Ms. Jamuna Karki, Program Head. Ms. Rashmi Sharma Mainali, Board of Director & Principal, delivered a gracious welcome speech, urging stakeholders to empower the youth and halt the mass exodus.

Prof. Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe, the Chairperson, emphasized the significance of the program and the need for positive changes to develop Nepal as a nation. The panel discussion, skillfully moderated by Mr. Saurav Sharma, featured distinguished experts: H.E. Nona Deprez, H.E. Hanan Goder, Ms. Ayshanie Labe, and Dr. Biju Kumar Thapalia. Each panelist contributed valuable insights, enriching the discussions and offering potential solutions to challenges faced by Nepal's agriculture and education sectors.
Key discussions included innovative agricultural techniques from Israel, strategies to retain talented youths in Nepal, policy recommendations for youth development, and improving the quality of education in Nepalese universities to meet international standards.

The panelists emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts and utilizing the youths' energy for Nepal's development. Ms. Ayshanie Labe highlighted Nepal's progress in poverty reduction and urged measures to address climate change and protect migrant workers.

The event saw participation from over 100 delegates, including corporate representatives and academic scholars. The valuable insights and recommendations generated hold the potential to boost Nepal's agricultural and educational sectors significantly. KDBC plans to organize similar events in the future to shape the future of Nepal's youth positively.

The organizers thanked the panelists and attendees for their active participation, making this event a resounding success in facilitating constructive dialogue for Nepal's better future. The valuable insights from this discussion will pave the way for positive change and growth in Nepal's agriculture and education sectors.

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