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Hult Prize Inauguration Ceremony at Sunway College

November 17, 2022
Hult Prize Inauguration Ceremony at Sunway College
KMC Lalitpur

Hult Prize referred to as the "Nobel Prize" for students is an annual, year-long competition that crowd-sources ideas from university-level students after challenging them to solve a pressing social issue around topics such as food, water access, energy, and education.

As part of such a program, we are honored to be representatives of its OnCampus Phase, where many teams from our college will present their ideas based on this year's challenge. The Hult Prize Challenge for 2023 is "Redesigning Fashion" with the idea of creating an innovative social venture to make the fashion and clothing industry more sustainable. Among all the teams, the team with the best idea and aptitude will be the winner. The winning team will then represent our college at the international regional level.

This is the third iteration of the Hult Prize at Sunway College Kathmandu.

Inauguration Event

The Inauguration Event is the official kickstart of the Hult-Prize On-Campus Event. It will be attended by all our students and faculty members. Our Campus Director Mr. Udit Kumar Mahato will give an orientation on Hult Prize. We will also start our Team Registrations from this event.

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