Higher Level Education Commission sluggish in work



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The Higher Level Education Commission was formed by the decision of the Council of Ministers on Bhadra 19, 2074 B.S. The Commission was formed after a long deliberation and had a tenure of just 5 months. It was formed under the chairmanship of Education Minister Gopal Man Shrestha with the aim of making time-suitable reforms in the education curriculum from the primary child development to University level education.

The commission has the responsibilty to make the necessary suggestions in the education management according to the federal structure, province and the local level to improve and transform the education policies.

However, the work of collecting the suggestions and data has been rather slowly. Also, there have not been as frequent meetings as there should be for the discussion and interaction over the suggestions and drafts. Only two meetings have been held in the time duration of 5 months.

The first meeting of the commission was held on Bhadra 30 which formed a 15 membered committee of the high level experts. The duty of the committee was to recommend a preliminary draft. The team submitted a preliminary draft to the Chairman of the commission and Education Minister Gopal Man Shrestha on Poush 4.

However, the second meeting of the Commission was held on only 26th Poush in which the draft was presented for the discussion. All the members of the 65 membered commission have been providing suggestions for the draft however there have been no study outside of the valley about the changes to be made in the education policies.