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High-Level Committee Formed to Investigate Encroachment on University Land

May 07, 2024
Last updated May 08, 2024
High-Level Committee Formed to Investigate Encroachment on University Land
KMC Lalitpur

Education Minister Sumana Shrestha has announced the formation of a high-level investigation committee. This committee will focus on investigating encroachments on land belonging to Tribhuvan University and other educational institutions.

Minister Shrestha disclosed this development during a press interaction today. She emphasized the need for decisive action based on the findings of an expert team tasked with studying the encroachment issue. She highlighted the plan to incorporate experts who have conducted thorough studies on the subject into the committee, further adding that directives are underway for this purpose. Additionally, Minister Shrestha stressed that Tribhuvan University will spearhead the investigation process concerning encroached land.

The encroachment problem has affected more than 12 ropanis of land owned by Tribhuvan University, with various individuals and organizations illegally occupying and misusing the property. In response, the university's Vice Chancellor has expressed a firm commitment to reclaiming the encroached land, signaling a proactive stance against unauthorized occupation.

Raju Kumar Shrestha, Chief of the General Administration Division at Tribhuvan University, has urged government intervention through the Education Ministry to address encroachment issues effectively. He emphasized that collaboration with other government bodies, such as the Land Revenue Office, is essential to tackle the problem comprehensively.

Rector Khadga KC highlighted the establishment of a task force to swiftly address Tribhuvan University's challenges. He emphasized the task force's commitment to providing equal opportunities to all stakeholders without discrimination.

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