Government of Nepal formed high-level education commission



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Government of Nepal has formed a 17-member high-level commission to draft a new education policy that fits into the current political context of the country. The cabinet is chaired by Education Minister. 

  1. Chair Person: Education Minister Chitra Lekha Yadav 
  2. Vice Chairperson: Educationist Kedar Bhakta Mathema
  3. Member: Suresh Raj Sharma (Former Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University)
  4. Member: Tirtha Khaniya
  5. Member: Parasar Koirala etc. 

The members of the panel, however, are not satisfied with the government decision as they are currently working to finalise the health education policy. According to Sharma, the government formed the commission without properly consulting them. “We are now working hard to draft health education policy. I am not satisfied the way government included us in the commission without consultation,” he said.

The Ministry of Education three months ago had formed a nine-member committee led by Mathema to draft the health education policy which will guide medical education in the country. Sharma said it will take one more month to submit a draft of the policy. Yadav last week had decided to form the high-level commission following directives from the Parliamentary Committee on Women, Children, Senior Citizen and Social Welfare.

The Committee on December 28 last year had asked the ministry to form a panel saying it was necessary to formulate a new education policy for the changed political context. The commission is the seventh one formed to reform the education sector after democracy was established in the country in 1950. Yadav was willing to set up the panel as stated by the Nepali Congress election manifesto and wanted to show that she did something to reform education sector while in term.

Education Commissions till date:

1.    National Educational Planning Commission     1954

2.    National Education System Plan    1971

3.    Royal Higher Education Committee    1984

4.    National Education Commission    1992

5.    Higher Level National Education Commission     1998

6.    National Education Commission    2001